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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Charlie's Angels for Halloween 2013

I guess I'm one holiday behind.  This year for Halloween I dressed as "Sabrina Duncan" from the original TV series "Charlie's Angels."

I was hoping to recreate this look:

My version of "Sabrina Duncan" - Everything for the costume is vintage from Ebay and Etsy except for the belt and necklace.

Don't freak, it's not real.  It's a toy .38 revolver my husband found on Amazon.  It came with two for $4.99.

I remember from the mid to late 70s my mom wore this shade of brown nail polish and lipstick.

Sabrina wouldn't have carried this type of purse as she carried simpler clutches.  But this one I just had to get because of my fond memory of this type of purse.  This handmade leather saddlebag from Mexico is just how I remember my mom's and sisters' saddlebags.  I remember we all went down to Tijuana to get them - I think it was 1977.  I was too young for a purse, so I got a marrionette instead.  I swear this purse is exactly like the ones they bought and used for years.  I also remember getting those cute little leather flip-flop key rings made of this same leather.  Like this one:  Mexico Keychain Keyring Leather MINI SANDAL

My friend R dressed as "Kelly Garrett," my friend L dressed as "Jill Munroe," and R's husband D dressed as "John Bosley."  Unfortunately, we didn't have a "Charlie"!  Here's the gang of the Original Season 1 Charlie's Angels!  Clockwise from the top:  Bosley, Sabrina, Kelly, Jill:

I had the image of "Sabrina" made into a photo button I am wearing above so people would know who I was trying to be for Halloween.  On Ebay I found "Charlie's Angels" vintage buttons for the group to wear as well.  It was fun!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Colorblocking Greens

I had some styling help again recently in hopes to accessorize a two-toned forest green sweater.  I loved the color but didn't know how to make the sweater more interesting.  The grey trim around the neckline sort of threw me.  I sent a link to the sweater to a live help agent, and she said she knew just the scarf to add.  Since the sweater has two shades of forest green the colorblocking of the scarf with the lighter shade of green plus the navy and grey - it seems to work.  I wasn't sure what to do about the handbag, so I tried with both tan and black.  I think the tan works better, even though there is no other tan or brown in my outfit.  When looking at the photo, I notice the gold stitching of my jeans brings out the tan in the bag.  Or is it vice-versa?

Argento Vivo Medium Hammered Hoop Earrings, Silver -
7 For All Mankind® 'The Slim Cigarette' Stretch Jeans, Rinse -
Tory Burch 'Louiisa' Top Handle Satchel, Tan -
Cole Haan 'Village Small' leather handbag, black (can't find link or photo) - Nordstrom

Saturday, November 16, 2013

High Tea

Thursday I saw my dear friend beverlylikehills and got inspired to update my blog.  I have four outfits to post. I better get busy!  This outfit I wore to a High Tea two weeks ago.

I've been wanting to stay away from sheath and bodycon type dresses.  You get the slightest pooch in your belly and the dress looks horrible.  I'm trying fit and flare dresses now so I can eat!

To style this dress, I received a little help.

The necklace.  I actually liked the "Complete The Look" suggestion for a necklace on the item page for the dress, so I went with this "automatic" suggestion.  I never would have figured out on my own that the row of spikes on the necklace mimic the rows of dots on the dress.

The shoes.  The "Complete The Look" suggestion for shoes are what the model is wearing, Manolo Blahnik pointy pumps.  Wish I could, but I'm not sure I'll ever have Manolo Blahnik in my closet.  I'm lucky I found a pair that looks pretty much identical in shape and color, that are at a much more reasonable price point.

The clutch.  I had no idea really what handbag to carry.  My mission was to make this nighttime party dress look appropriate for daytime.  I had no clue how to do this.  I went in to the store to get a salesperson's help.  She was amazing.  She gave me advice that any pastel would work since pastels scream daytime.  I love this pastel mint clutch.  She also suggested my lip color to be a rosy pink to keep things looking daytime.

The earrings.  I had no idea what style or how big or small to go to make this outfit look daytime-ish. I had an amazing salesperson in the Fashion Jewelry department.  I showed her a photos of the dress, shoes, and necklace on my phone and my new clutch in person, and she knew just what to choose: medium hammered hoops in silver.  She also suggested I curl my hair in these loose waves.  I've already gone back to this salesperson to style another outfit.  She is amazing!

The bracelets.  Had already.

The ring.  A wonderful gift from beverlylikehills.

 Definitely click on the dress link to get a better view of the keyhole back.

High Tea

Taylor Dresses Polka Dot Stripe Fit & Flare Dress, black/silver -
Vince Camuto 'Summer Metals' Collar Necklace, silver -
Argento Vivo Medium Hammered Hoop Earrings, silver -
Halogen® Halogen Lizard Embossed Patent Leather Flap Clutch, Seafoam Lizard -
Natasha Couture 'Barrie' Bangles (Nordstrom Exclusive), Silver -
Temple St. Claire for Target fashion ring, blue - gift from beverlylikehills
kate spade new york 'licorice too' pump, Powder Patent -