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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Loving My New Glasses

I've been wearing the same brown tortoise glasses for the last four years, and I just got a new pair since I've been so bored with my old ones.  I've been wanting to try some frames that actually make some kind of a statement.  Something a little daring.  I fell in love with these frames, but I was a little worried they might be too much.  It turns out my hair covers the logos at times, and it turns out they really are not that daring.  My only concern is that Clinton Kellly hates little tiny designer logos.  I'm not too worried though since I feel so good in these frames.  I actually want to wear glasses now.  Usually I wear contacts any time I'm going out of the house unless I am really tired and don't want to deal with contacts.  Now I am excited to wear these glasses.

Lately I've been wearing this green top with this charcoal cardigan all buttoned up, but I decided this time to leave the cardigan completely open (I saw this recently on a What Not To Wear episode).  No need to cover up this beautiful top so much. 

Classiques Entier ruched top spring hill green - Nordstrom Rack
Old Navy boyfriend cardigan charcoal
KUT From The Kloth wide leg denim trousers - delight wash
hematite silver ball necklace - Macy's brand (special purchase w/ Mom on our awesome trip to Scottsdale, AZ this past Thanksgiving)
silver cuff bracelet w/ gold circles - Macy's brand
Cole Haan 'Carma Air' OT w/ Nike Air black patent pumps - Nordstrom
Coach 'Bernice' frames brown w/ gold accents - Kaiser Optometry

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Party Outfit - Sparkly Tank

Last Wednesday night we went to a very good friend's holiday cocktail
party.  The outfit I wore was quite different for me.  I've never worn
a sparkly top before.  I am completely copying the sparkle tank idea
from another friend who wore a very similar top to this very party
last year.  I was seriously in love with her sparkle tank, and I
looked for a long time for the perfect one.  I found it this past
September through Rue La La. 

I wish I had a better photo of these earrings.  Unfortunately there is no stock photo I can find.  I'll have to wear them again and get better photos.

I am holding this clutch in the photo, but it pretty much blends in to the tree so you can't see it.  Here is the stock photo so you can see.  I love this clutch:
  Holiday Party Outfit
*MICHAEL Michael Kors sparkle tank silver/black/charcoal -
Semantiks 'Bree' dress pants black - Nordstrom
Bobeau open-front cardigan black - Nordstrom
Cole Haan 'Carma Air' OT w/ Nike Air pumps black patent (my very first pair of
Cole Haan shoes - the ones that made me fall in love with Cole Haan) -
Sorrelli 'Rare Jewels' gemstone earrings black/red/hematite - Nordstrom
Jessica McClintock rectangle fold over box clutch pearlized black -

*The back side of this tank doesn't have the is plain
with regular ribbing.  I love this idea since it makes it a little more casual to go
with dark denim for a night out on the town.  This allows for just the right amount of sparkle.  Also, the tank itself is charcoal, not black, another reason to love this tank even more.

*Since I had four friends make purchases from who used me
as their referral, I earned a $40 credit which I used to purchase
this $39.95 sparkly tank.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Not To Wear latest promo - wow!

I don't have any pictures of me today as of yet, but I wanted to share the latest promo for What Not To Wear.  Tonight will be the first night the show airs on its new night.  The show has moved from Friday nights to Tuesday nights.  Clinton will be walking off the set on this one....oooooohhhh aahhhhh... This should be a pretty interesting episode!

What Not To Wear latest promo

Monday, December 20, 2010

Newport Harbor Cruise Outfit

Saturday night my husband and I went on a holiday cruise around Newport Harbor.  It was cold and rainy, so I dressed to keep warm.  Instead of opaque tights I went with leggings to make sure I stayed warm.  The cruise was mostly inside, so I wished I would have gone with the tights and a lighter tee since I ended up being too hot.

These photos were taken in front of my husband's office.  I love the background here. 

Laundry by Shelli quilted jacket black - (originally bought in a size smaller but didn't realize it was too small until months later - I am incredibly lucky I was able to get a size up so long after the original purchase......sigh... it feels so good when clothes fit properly!)
Caslon ribbed long sleeve tee charcoal -
Halogen denim skirt - Nordstrom
Style & Co. skinny belt silver croc -
Nordstrom brand leggings (not sure these look right with the denim skirt)
Sperry Top Sider 'Sadie' rain boots -
BP. Nordstrom ombré scarf black/gray (didn't realize my scarf was hanging lopsided...wish the hubs would have mentioned something)
Nine West croc handbag pepper - Macy's

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Sparkly Scarf

This black sparkly scarf I purchased last year at White House | Black Market was intended to go with a sweater dress I no longer own.  I am so glad it looks so nice with a plain black scoop neck tee and jeans.  Last year I was not brave enough to wear the silver flats with this silvery sparkly scarf.  I thought it might be too much metallic, but I think the silver flats are working out just fine.  :)  This outfit was worn today at my mommy group holiday party.

Thanks to so many of you mommies who came up to me this afternoon at the holiday party and told me you are enjoying this blog.  Now I know I have more readers than I think I do.

Scarf tied loosely to show length and for when it's too warm to be close to my neck.

Scarf tied the half loop style for when it's colder.   I don't know if this style is really called 'half loop' - I just made that up.  This is an awkward angle - my 5 year old isn't used to doing close-ups.  Not too shabby, though!

Caslon long-sleeve scoop neck tee black - Nordstrom
KUT From The Kloth boot-cut jeans future wash -
Tory Burch 'Reva' flats silver - Nordstrom
Style & Co. skinny belt black -
White House | Black Market sparkle scarf black/silver
Nine West croc handbag pepper - Macy's

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Houndstooth Wool Coat

I was wearing my same old boring black cardigan this morning, but the super cold chill made me turn around back into the house to get my wool coat.  This houndstooth coat was my amazing 40th birthday gift from my mom, sisters, and mother-in-law.

MICHAEL Michael Kors houndstooth wool coat -
KUT From The Kloth boot cut jeans future wash -
Halogen long-sleeve ribbed tee black - Nordstrom
BCBGirls 'Phoebe' flats black -
Nine West croc handbag pepper -  Macy's

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Black Cardi with Animal Print Pumps

My camera's memory card was having some trouble last night and only allowed for this one photo.  I wore this outfit Thursday night to Bunco and since this is such a different look for me I really enjoyed wearing it.  I loved it so much I wore it again the next night (Friday night) for a little party we hosted at home.  I usually frown upon wearing so much black, but with these animal print pumps being such a statement I think the black cardi, cami, skinny belt, and minimal silver jewerly it all seems to work well to let the animal print pumps be the focus.  I am so in love with these shoes it is crazy.  Since my camera sucks and doesn't focus properly even with an adult using it (as in this case) I will post the stock photos of the shoes so you can see them in detail.  Thanks Style Underdog, it was so awesome to have you over last night!  Such fun!

I also wanted to share the stock photo of the black diamond pavé earrings I wear all the time but always forget to take a close up photo of them.

Bobeau open-front cardigan black -
Caslon cami black - Nordstrom
KUT From The Kloth skinny jeans -
Style & Co. skinny belt black -
Cole Haan 'Air Talia' pump Leopard Haircalf w/ NIKE AIR technology 3.5" heel - (purchased with Cyber Monday incredible 40% off code!!!  YAH!)
Nadri 'Black Diamond' pavé ball stud earrings -
bangle bracelet silver - gift

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Necklace Seen In Clinton Kelly's Make Over America Fashion Show

Today I wore the same outfit I wore for my dad's 75th birthday a couple  of weeks ago but forgot to get photos done.  The only thing I'm wearing differently is I have a silver croc skinny belt instead of a black one.  Just wanted to change things up a bit.  Also I left one button of the charcoal boyfriend cardigan open to help show more of the green top underneath.  Last time I buttoned it all the way up and the green hardly showed.  I think it is better with one left opened.

Too bright, I know.  I couldn't wait until later to do the photos since we are having guests over for dinner on Friday night and lots of cleaning needs to get done.   I'll figure out a better place for photos tomorrow.

Halogen denim pencil skirt - Nordstrom
Classiques Entier ruched top Spring Hill green - Nordstrom Rack
Old Navy boyfriend cardigan charcoal
DKNY opaque tights - Nordstrom
Cole Haan 'Air Lyric' 1.25" heel boots black -
Style & Co. silver croc skinny belt -
Nordstrom brand crinkled leather handbag natural -
*Style & Co. silver circle pendant short necklace - Macy's

*I first saw the silver circle pendant short necklace on one of the lucky winners of Clinton Kelly's Make Over America Fashion Show at Macy's in June of 2009.  I wanted to get the necklace then but I sort of forgot about it.  I saw it on the clearance table last March.  Yah!

*You can see the necklace on Candace (one of the participants), here on this video clip of the fashion show.  A pretty good close-up begins at 3:15.  This fashion show was the bomb.  I was so lucky to attend and see Clinton Kelly, my style hero, in person.  He called on me and answered my style question.  The official Make Over America photographer put this photo of us on the official Make Over America website.  Here is the photo of me with my style hero!

Monday, December 6, 2010

OLD Navy Super Low Tee Remix #3

This time the super old super low Old Navy tee is in brown.  And it's too low to show nicely with this ruffle cardigan.  Because the tee is so low I must wear a tank or cami underneath.  This doesn't quite look right.  The white tank can hardly be seen at all.  I love this sweater, but I'll need to rework the layering pieces.  Usually I just wear either a white or brown cami.  I'll stick with those until I can figure something else out.

Caslon ruffle cardigan chartreuse green - Nordstrom
Old Navy tee brown
Hinge tank white -
KUT From The Kloth wide leg denim trousers Delight wash - Nordstrom Rack
Another Line skinny belt chocolate brown -
Kenneth Cole REACTION 'Ballet Parking' flats pewter - Macy's
COACH 'Carly' signature handbag - Nordstrom
Kendra Scott teardrop earrings - Nordstrom

Friday, December 3, 2010

Same Old Navy Tee, Different Color, Remix #2

Yesterday was completely busy all day and night, I am just now getting yesterday's outfit posted.  I mentioned before I have four very old v-neck solid tees I'm just learning how to wear with an updated fall look.  Here's the teal color tee with a pendant necklace and gray three-quarter sleeve scoop neck tee as my layering piece.  I also wore the denim jacket today but  the weather is rather warm right now so I took it off.  I really wish I could make my skinny belts lie straight and not lopsided.

I'm looking slightly relaxed here...

Super OLD Old Navy super LOW v-neck tee teal
Three Dots three-quarter sleeve scoop neck tee heather gray -
KUT From The Kloth boot-cut cords espresso brown -
Cole Haan 'Air Carma' OT with NIKE AIR technology copper croc - Cole Haan outlet
Another Line skinny patent belt chocolate brown -
Kendra Scott pendant necklace - Ebay
COACH Signature 'Carly' handbag - Nordstrom

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Clinton Kelly Dress - Remixed

I'm not sure I like this or if it even looks good at all... I usually wear this dress with black tights, black high heel boots, black cardigan if it's cold, and black leather purse.  I'm getting a little bored of all the black accessories, so I thought I'd make this a day look with different accessories.  I think this will look better without the leggings, but it was too cold today to go without.  Maybe black flats would look better.  The medallions on the flats seem busy with this printed dress.  I don't know.

Kelly by Clinton Kelly empire waist v-neck dress -
Lauren denim jacket -
Nordstrom brand leggings
Tory Burch 'Reva' flats metallic silver - Nordstrom
Liz Palacios necklace -

Thanksgiving Weekend in Phoenix

My mom and I had a wonderful weekend in Phoenix for Thanksgiving weekend.  My Great Aunt Bertha turned 100 years old so we went to her Centennial party on Saturday.  My cousin Debbie (Great Aunt Bertha's granddaughter) had her first child, and the party also honored her baby.  They had four generations of family there.  It was such a wonderful experience.  Thanksgiving was spent with my favorite uncle.  All day Friday (which was Black Friday) and Saturday during the day was spent at the incredible Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall and Biltmore Fashion Park.  My mom wanted to update her wardrobe a bit so I helped her with some new blouses, a beautiful structured jacket, and some fashion jewelry.  Mostly all were purchased from Macy's with unbelievably awesome discounts.  We had such a nice time shopping there.  It was just the two of us, it felt so relaxing not to have any responsibilities for five days!

 Thanksgiving dinner outfit
Merona cable knit sweater dress chocolate brown - Target (on clearance!! yay)
Nordstrom brand opaque tights black - Nordstrom
Cole Haan boots 3.25" heel black -
Style & Co. chain belt silver - Macy's
*Nine West 'Dixon' croc shopper Pepper - Macy's
kate spade bauble bracelet gold, black, cream - kate spade
Rachel teardrop earrings hematite - Nordstrom

*The Nine West red croc handbag was such a steal I have to share.  It was originally $69.00.  I had a 20% off coupon, and I was going to be happy with that price.  The sign showed it was also on sale for 25% off.  I guess it was marked down to a lower price on top of that I didn't know about because the lady told me it was $23.90!!  Gotta love Macy's sales and coupons!!

 Black Friday shopping outfit
Studio M circle print empire waist tee (wish the side was pulled down properly) - Macy's
Halogen denim skirt - Nordstrom
Hue opaque tights chocolate brown - Nordstrom
Cole Haan boots 2.25" Woodbury -
BP. Nordstrom scarf black - Nordstrom
Nine West 'Dixon' croc shopper Pepper - Macy's
Macy's brand bracelet clear red 
White House | Black Market charm earrings black

Lunch at Neiman Marcus Cafe Scottsdale Fashion Square

Last Chance Store is a Nordstrom company store that is one step beneath Nordstrom Rack.  There are only two in the country:  Phoenix and Miami.  Most of the merchandise is pretty beat up, but I had to check out this ultra clearance Nordstrom store.  I didn't find anything worthwhile, unfortunately.  Perhaps if I had more time I could have found something.  I looked at every size 7 shoe hoping to find something Cole Haan. 

Saturday:  Last Chance shopping outfit
Caslon scoop neck tee black - Nordstrom
INC Macy's printed tiered skirt 
Style & Co. skinny belt black (I wish it wasn't lopsided!) -
Nordstrom brand opaque tights
Cole Haan flat boots black -
Nine West 'Dixon' croc shopper Pepper - Macy's
Macy's brand bracelet clear red  
Alexis Bittar donut pendant necklace lucite gold -

For Saturday night at Aunt Bertha's centennial party I wore my Kelly by Clinton Kelly dress.  I styled it the exact same way so I didn't have my mom take photos of this outfit.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Old V-Neck Tee Given a Much Needed Update

I'm getting the hang of this layering idea.  What a concept!  This rose pink tee is probably four years old.  The last two years I've contemplated getting rid of them (I also have this same tee in teal, brown, and kelly green)  Back then I used to buy multiples of items I really liked.  I am trying to get away from that.  :/  I don't like that the v-neck is super low - a cami or tank is required all the time, and it doesn't even look that great with a regular tank underneath.  I wore these with shorts all summer(s) and I got bored of the plain look.  This is the first time I've worn a long sleeve tee underneath and with a scarf.  This isn't my favorite outfit I've ever worn, but I am happy I figured out how I can use these old tees in a different way and in colder seasons.

These old Mary Jane pumps I had listed on Ebay two or three times this year but didn't sell.  They are cute and comfortable but the quality is eh.  These are four years old and the clothes I used to wear with them I don't have anymore.  I contemplated black shoes here but decided to go with the brown.  The toe is really, really round which makes them work well with my vericose veins.  I guess I'll be keeping these.

Old Navy deep v-neck tee rose pink
Caslon ribbed long sleeve tee charcoal -
KUT From The Kloth boot cut cords espresso brown -
Lauren Jeans Co. denim jacket Nolita wash -
BP. Nordstrom scarf fuchsia plaid
Another Line skinny belt chocolate brown -
BP. Norstrom 'Taryn' mary jane pump chocolate brown 
Lauren ball drop earrings silver - Macy's

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cashmere sweater for a grocery trip? Sure!

Last night was my dad's 75th birthday and my two sisters, my two nephews, my two kids and my mom and dad all went out to his favorite seafood restaurant to celebrate.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to get my outfit photographed.  :(  I was wearing my Halogen dark denim pencil skirt, kelly green ruched top, new gray cardigan from Old Navy, silver croc skinny belt, black opaque tights, black flat boots, and a silver circle pendant necklace.  I'll just have to wear this again soon.

Today was a rather uneventful Sunday.  We have three VERY ripe bananas so I thought to make some banana chocolate chip coffee cake with an old recipe I haven't used in years.  We needed to buy some buttermilk for the recipe and some things for dinner tonight, so I got dressed for that shopping trip.  Here's my grocery shopping outfit for this uneventful Sunday.  Wearing white button-down oxford shirts are a new thing for me.   I've had this cashmere sweater for two years and I've never known how to make it interesting.  Thanks Style Underdog for the styling suggestions for this sweater! 

Charter Club cashmere cable v-neck sweater - Macy's
Lauren Ralph Lauren Roll Sleeve white shirt -
KUT From The Kloth Skinny Jeans Indigo Wash -
Style & Co. skinny belt black -
Cole Haan 'Air Lyric' flat boots black with NIKE AIR technology -
kate spade 'keswick caning' bauble necklace gold, black, cream (gift from kate spade)
COACH 'Carly' signature print brown - Nordstrom (gift for anniversary 2008)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Argyle Sweater Dress

This photo was taken at my mom's house today.  My mom's camera actually focuses correctly. 

The gray legging was a real stretch for me, and a couple of times I changed my mind and put on the black pair.  I wanted to do something different so I made myself wear the gray.  I do like that the legging is charcoal and is darker than the gray in the dress.  A necklace or bigger earrings would have been a plus here.  It's the print all the way down the dress and the silver mirrors on my shoes that made me shy away from big jewelry pieces.  Excuses, excuses!  I won't be afraid next time.

Argyle V-neck sweater dress black/gray -
Hinge cami black - Nordstrom brand
Style & Co. skinny croc belt black - Macy's brand
leggings charcoal  - Nordstrom brand
BCBGirls 'Phoebe' flats black -
clear red beads bracelet - Macy's brand

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

60s Inspired Mod Jacket + Another Meetup with Style Underdog

Today was just fabulous.  Style Underdog and I met again for coffee.  We had loads to talk about... outfit ideas for the both of us, looking through and laughing at Clinton Kelly's new book, talked about how we met our husbands, where we grew up, where we worked, and plans for getting together at my house for my husband's out-of-this-world grilled steak tacos.

It's nice having an adult take my photos.  Thank you Style Underdog!

New pose suggested by Style Underdog. 

Kensie empire waist metallic jacket silver - (2 years ago - copied from a friend, of course!)
KUT From The Kloth Skinny Jeans Indigo Wash -
Bettye Muller 'Cruise' peep-toe patent flat black - Ebay
Cole Haan 'Village' handbag black - Nordstrom

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Layering + Scarf

I am wearing this TODAY, Tuesday, 11/16 and actually have it posted!

I've never been a layering person.  I tend to wear a top and jeans or a dress.  I know, boring.  That is changing  I'm working on it right now.  I've already posted this navy button-down shirt, but I'm trying it again with some changes.  This time I'm wearing a long-sleeve tee underneath (because I'm taking the kids to the park later this afternoon and it's going to be cold) and with a colorful scarf.  I'm not sure the charcoal gray tee is working just right.  I had to tuck in the gray tee because having it out looked sloppy.  It looks better now, but I'm still not sure I'm in love with this look, but I do like the teal against the navy.

I really wish I could get these photos to be in proper focus.

James Perse contrast panel roll sleeve button down shirt deep navy - Nordstrom
Caslon long sleeve ribbed tee charcaol -
KUT From The Kloth wide leg trouser jeans delight wash - Nordstrom Rack
BP. Nordstrom ombré scarf teal -
Kenneth Cole REACTION 'Ballet Parking' flats pewter - Macy's
Lauren Ralph Lauren drop ball earrings silver - Macy's

Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy Saturday: 1st Baby Shower, 2nd HS Playgroup

Saturday was quite a fun, busy day.  First, I attended a longtime blogging friend's baby shower, it was quite lovely.  I started out blogging about my wedding plans back in 2001, and a handful of OC wedding bloggers got together frequently, and we've been friends ever since.  It's a wonderful thing.

Baby Shower Outfit.  I think the brown boots work with this dress since the browns are not the exact same shade.

Finally - a decent close-up of my boots!

BCBG MAXAZRIA wrap dress chocolate brown snake print - Nordstrom (3 years ago)
Cole Haan 2.25" heels boots Woodbury brown -
textured silver cuff bracelet with gold circles -  Macy's brand
Argento Vivo gold leaf earrings -

Once a month on a Saturday night a small group of our high school friends get together with all of our kids and have pizza and beer (the adults!).  It's a really fun, casual get together.

High School Friends playgroup outfit.  I am not sure this sweater is really working anymore.  It is supposed to be tunic length, but my normal size was WAY huge at the neckline including the back of my neck - there was so much gaping going on.  So I went a size smaller.  I think it was a mistake.  It doesn't even look like a tunic sweater.  It barely covers my butt so I can't wear leggings with this.  I think I might be done with this sweater.  Maybe I'm thinking too much.

Caslon tunic short-sleeve sweater charcoal - Nordstrom
Caslon long sleeve ribbed tee black (faded practically to charcoal due to overuse) - Nordstrom
Levi's 545 Skinny Leg jean French Press wash -
MICHAEL Michael Kors peep-toe flat calfhair -
Lauren Ralph Lauren woven belt brown - Macy's
Perlina handbag teal (my usual pop of color) - Nordstrom
Argento Vivo gold leaf earrings -

Fun with friends' COACH bags.
My high school friends are actually a little bit excited about my blog and we were talking about it at the party!  These two friends love COACH bags and they let me wear their awesome COACH bags in my photos for a little variety and fun.  Thanks D & S!

D's beautiful COACH bag that her amazing husband picked out for her.  By the way, this is the second or third one he's chosen for her.  I can't remember what number he's on.  He's also picked out two pair of beautiful COACH sunglasses for her.  What a guy he is.

S's brand new beautiful COACH bag.  She didn't even have the tag removed yet, but she took it off for the photo.  I begged her not to so she can enjoy that feeling of cutting off a tag for her first wearing of her beautiful new COACH bag, but she didn't want to wait.  Am I the only one who waits as long as possible to remove tags from new clothing, bags, accessories?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

1st Attempt To Copycat Style Underdog

Back in July Style Underdog wore this lovely summer outfit and this was the first one of hers that I went running out to hunt down these pieces for myself to copy.  I never have really known how to wear crisp white button-down oxfords and belts, and this I knew I could do.  I love how she looks here.  I didn't even discover this post until October because I got distracted from being current with her blog, so I knew it was going to take some work to find the skirt.  After several days of phone calls to many different Macy's across the country to locate this lovely gray INC skirt, I finally found one but it was two sizes too large.  I never buy clothes that are too big and get them altered, but the salesperson at Macy's does alterations and she said it would be an easy thing to do.  So I bought it (on clearance I might add - yay!), and the alterations came out awesome!  The belt wasn't the exact one as SU's but I found one online that was very similar.  Again my size was difficult to track down but it was done after a couple days worth of hunting.  Did I mention I'm really good at hunting down sale/clearance items?  I'm REALLY, REALLY good at it.

To make this more of a fall look instead of sandals I'm wearing boots.  I wish my son would have remembered to focus.  This is the only decent photo.  I'll have to wear this again and get better photos.  I forgot to wear my purse - it was the teal one of course.

Lauren Ralph Lauren roll sleeve shirt white -
INC crinkled drop waist skirt gray (EXACT copy of Style Underdog's skirt) - Macy's
Lauren Ralph Lauren woven leather belt brown - Macy's
Cole Haan boots 2.25" heel Woodbury brown -
clear red beads bracelet - Macy's brand
Argento Vivo silver leaf earrings -

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bunco Party Outfit

After meeting with Style Underdog I realize I really need to get posting more often.  I am on a mission to get myself photographed daily.  What I really need to do is set up the darn tripod!

I belong to a Bunco group and the November party was Thursday night.  This color and pattern is a little bit out there for me, but I've been wanting to get away from wearing too many solids.

*Kelly by Clinton Kelly printed empire waist A-line dress multi -
black opaque tights - Nordstrom brand
Cole Haan knee high boots 3.25" heel with NIKE AIR technology black -
Cole Haan handbag black - Nordstrom
Alexis Bittar gold donut necklace -

*Clinton Kelly has a new line of clothing on  I was a little skeptical of buying from QVC, but the dress is really awesome and totally reasonably priced, and we all know I LOVE Clinton Kelly so I thought I'd try.  It is kind of fun owning a dress he designed.  He said this dress is his favorite piece from the line - that this cut of dress is so flattering on any body shape and he just couldn't find it out there.... so he designed it.  It also comes in black and solid purple.  It does run very large.  He suggested to go down in size.  I did go a size down but I needed to get some alterations anyway.  The neckline was opening up way too much that my bra was showing, so I had a snap put in.  Also, the sleeves needed to be shortened and the hem needed to be shortened --so it hits just at my knee.  It was below my knee originally.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meetup with Style Underdog!

Today was so much fun - I met up with Style Underdog!  She is so witty and fun.  We talked our ears off about clothes, shoes, jewelry, and The Style Nation over Starbucks gingerbread lattes.  I brought a little bag of clothes and belts that I had some ideas to wear together but was unsure... since I don't really know how to wear belts very well I needed some advice to make some outfits more complete.  She helped me so much.  She is a star-stylist, and I think she should be a stylist on Good Morning America or Oprah or a What Not To Wear type show that specializes in styling 40+ women.  Seriously.  She is that good.

I wasn't originally wearing this brown skinny belt when I first saw Style Underdog.  I asked her if it would look okay with the wow necklace.  I was unsure since the necklace is so big I thought the belt would be too much.  But she was right.  I needed the belt!  Thank you so much SU for the advice.
 This was the best full length shot of me, I kind of like this pose.

 Style Underdog and me.

Style Underdog, me and Frank.  ;)

Caslon ribbed long sleeve tee charcoal -
KUT From The Kloth wide leg trousers Delight Wash - Nordstrom Rack
Cole Haan 'Air Carma' peep-toe patent pumps black with Nike Air Technology - Nordstrom
kate spade 'Keswick Caning' bauble necklace black, cream, gold - gift from kate spade
silver and gold circles textured cuff bracelet - Macy's brand
Another Line patent skinny belt chocolate brown -
Perlina snakeskin teal handbag - Nordstrom