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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How To Get Away With Murder - Copy #1

My lastest obsession is to copy outfits I see on TV.  I'm already super excited about clothes, so when I'm wearing an exact piece I've seen an actress wear from a TV show I'm into - the excitement level about the piece I'm wearing, well, it just goes without saying.

This dress and jacket were seen on "Michaela" of "How To Get Away With Murder," Season 1, Episode 5.  I had to work really hard to actually purchase these pieces.  It took weeks.  When I first discovered the dress and jacket - they were already sold out.  I kept checking back frequently, and finally on Black Friday Week my sizes became available again and was able to purchase the dress and jacket with deep, deep markdowns and promo codes.  I seriously lucked out on these.  It was truly a miracle.

As seen on "Michaela" of "How To Get Away With Murder", Season 1 Episode 5: (photo credit: - thank you for the opportunity to purchase these amazing pieces!)
 (photo credit:

How To Get Away Wtih Murder Outfit - Copy #1

Generation Love Quilted Moto Jacket, grey-
Alice + Olivia 'Selma' Drop Waist Checkered Knit Dress, White/Black -
Marc by Marc Jacobs Women's Classic Q Percy, Banana Creme -
Cara Stone Cuff - (unfortunately returned due to flying off my wrist)

Monday, March 2, 2015

Do You Have A Fashion Blog?

Today at my local Nordstrom a customer came over to me and asked me if I have a fashion blog.  I was stunned.  Thank you, Michela, for recognizing me from this blog!  I am still amazed.  I had this happen to me one other time, it was the first time I had met Style Underdog, who is now Beverly Like Hills.  At the grocery store, she came up to me and asked if I was No More Frump! That was so cool.

Today's encounter with Michela made me realize I should post.  The thing is my husband is rarely home when the light is right, blah blah blah.  I have my 9 year old taking outfit photos with my iPhone just about everytime I'm dressed up, and the photos aren't so great.  So I just don't post them.

Today's outfit:  I copied all of the clothing from outfit from a mannequinn at Nordstrom back in October.  The mannequin did not provide the tights, shoes, handbag or earrings, so I had to think of those things on my own.  I love this skirt because it's grey, not black.  I wore tights today because it was cold and rainy.  I tried black tights on first, but I think the grey looks more interesting than black.

October 2014 Nordstrom Mannequin Outfit

Halogen® Twill Moto Jacket, black -
Halogen® Pleated A-Line Skirt, Grey Ebony Houndstooth - (now available at
DKNY Hosiery Semi-Sheer Tights, Flannel Grey - Nordstrom
kate spade 'licorice too' pump, Black Suede -
Cara Studded Faux Leather Cuff - Nordstrom
MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Classic Q Natasha - Mini' Crossbody Flap Bag, Black - Nordstrom

Note:  This bracelet (Cara Stone Cuff, Black Diamond/ Hematite) was on the mannequin in addition to the studded cuff, and I bought it.  The two cuffs together looked incredible.  Unfortunately the stone cuff kept flying off my wrist so I had to return it.  I was so sad since it was my favorite part of the outfit.  Instead, today I wore the kate spade bangle in silver, in hopes to bring in silver to complement the skirt as the stone cuff did so beautifully.

I think my 9 year old did a great job today.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Zebra Print Dress in Portland, OR

A zebra print dress.  I didn't think my husband would like it due to the billowy sleeves, but he loves this dress.  This is in downtown Portland, OR on our family trip last August.

Zebra Print Dress in Portland, OR

Custom earrings -
Tory Burch 'Louiisa' Top Handle Satchel, Tan -

I copied this dress from an actress on a daytime soap.  I've been a fan of "General Hospital" on and off since the Luke & Laura phenomenon back in 1980.  Their 50th anniversary show in 2013 sucked me back in.  I couldn't miss Rick Springfield returning as Noah Drake!  Now the show is my occasional guilty pleasure.  I have found myself enjoying a character that is my age, and I absolutely love her style. 

Photo credit:  I'm A Soap Fan Blog
Thank you, I'm Soap Fan Blog, for posting Ava's dress on your blog.  You have helped me locate several pieces from the show. The fashion of GH is truly my style inspiration today.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Long-Awaited Opportunity Outfit

I've been waiting all summer for the right time to wear this outfit.  Finally, last weekend I had the opportunity to go out to dinner with some great friends.  A wonderful time was had by all.  I long to wear clothes like this much more often, but with workout three days a week and kids, it just doesn't make sense.  I need to find more opportunities to wear my clothes.  It's making me crazy that I can't wear them often.

I have discovered the best-fitting skinny jean, ever.  7 For All Mankind High Rise Ankle Skinny has a 9" rise which works best for me. Watch them for sales at Bloomingdale's.  I got mine for 52% off with a sale price and promo code.

Long-Awaited Opportunity Outfit

Elie Tahari 'Chase' Sleeveless Silk Blouse, Aqua Dimension - (saved all my Nordstrom Notes for this one!)
7 For All Mankind Jeans High Rise Ankle Skinny, white -
Halogen Lizard Embossed Patent Leather Flap Clutch, mint - Cara Accessories Cutout Hinged Cuff Bracelet, hematite/gold - Nordstrom kate spade new york 'licorice too' pump, Powder Patent -

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Warby Parker Beacon Collection

I am excited to share the new Warby Parker Eyewear Beacon Collection.  This stylish and affordable eyewear company asked me to choose my favorite looks and share with my readers.  I'm thrilled to do so.

Tortoise is my go-to frame for sunglasses.  The Ingram 942 Sun Topdown is definitely my favorite of the Beacon Collection.   The cool blue lens offers a nice pop of color to any outfit.  I could totally see myself wearing these.

The Nancy 933 Sun Topdown frames are also calling my name.  Colorful sunglasses rock.  Especially ones with clear colored frames.
These gorgeous yellow sunglasses are sitting right next to my two favorite desserts ever:  red velvet cake and cannoli.  How did they know those are my two favorite desserts in the world?  Now it's a must I get these sunglasses.

When you purchase Warby Parker glasses, they will donate glasses to developing countries.  Buy a pair, give a pair.  Warby Parker has already given 1,000,000 glasses.  A Do-Good company- that's for sure.  Click on Buy A Pair, Give A Pair program to learn more.

You can try-on before you buy your frames.  Order 5 pairs to try-on at home for 5 days, free of charge. Click on Home Try-On to learn more.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Diane von Furstenberg: Journey of a Dress Exhibition in LA: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Wrap Dress

I'll never forget the moment in Amerian Hustle when I spotted the first of several Diane von Furstenberg vintage wrap dresses seen on Amy Adams.  You see, I know the difference between the originals from the 70s and the ones made today.  The 70s version the hem is below the knee and have cuffs on the sleeves.  The new ones made today the hem is above the knee and don't have the cuffs.  I was really freaking out when I saw Amy Adams wearing the Twig Print dress that Diane von Ferstenberg wore on the cover of Newsweek in 1976.  

Back in early February I took my family to see the Diane von Furstenberg: Journey of a Dress Exhibition at the Wilshire May Company building in Los Angeles.  DVF is one of my all-time favorite fashion designers, and I was so excited to be able to celebrate the 4oth anniversary of the iconic 70s wrap dress.  The show was something pretty special.  The show consisted of many mannequins wearing vintage and current Diane von Furstenberg iconic wrap dresses.  The mannequins had labels below that indicated the year the dress was from.  There were large photographs of vintage ads, scenes in popular films in which the actresses wore the iconic wrap dress, vintage DVF runway shows, and photos of Diane herself.  Diane von Furstenberg chose to have this amazing show in Los Angeles over New York City. Thank goodness for that.  I just had to drive up a freeway.  

Here I am enjoying the show.  It was a chilly day so I didn't wear my DVF wrap dress. Now I'm kicking myself for not doing so.

If you're anywhere near LA, go see the show.  It's been extended through May 1.

Vintage ads.

 One of the Amercian Hustle scene photographs on the far left.

 I'm pointing out the magazine cover.

Diane's personal collection of Andy Warhol pop art.

I'm poining out the fact that my dress, the square tips pink dress I bought in 2013 - is here!  I wish I would have worn it.  Darn!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Birthday Earrings

My husband picked out these beautiful kate spade earrings for my birthday.  I couldn't be more excited about them.  He also got the matching bracelet, but I'll wear it another time when I'm not wearing the matching earrings.

Of the full-body shots taken the only decent one is the one below our babysitter took which included my husband.

I wish I had checked that my skirt was pulled down properly prior to taking photos.

I wish I had a better close-up shot to show the earrings.  Next time.

Birthday Earrings Outfit:

Vince Camuto Three-Quarter-Sleeve Peasant Blouse, Cobalt Blue - Macy's
Vince Camuto Dot Print Colorblock Pencil Skirt, Rich Black - Nordstrom Rack
Tarnish 'Lizard Chain' Clutch, Silver/ Gunmetal -
Vince Camuto 'Basics' Cuff, Matte Black - Nordstrom
Cole Haan Basic Opaque Tights, black -
Cole Haan 'Markesa Air Boot 85', black -
kate spade 'on the town' drop mixed stone drop earrings, navy/clear/gold- Nordstrom