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Monday, January 30, 2012

Orange Love

I am so in love with orange right now, and there will be quite a few posts of outfits with orange this spring and summer!

Yikes, my vericose veins on my right foot are UGLY.

The Caslon boyfriend shirt is so soft and light and super comfy.  This will help to keep from getting too hot in this sweater.  The sweater is also very soft to the touch.  Unfortunately this sweater snags VERY easily.  Luckily mine were fixable.  The reviews on this sweater are terrible because of its tendency to snag so easily.  I chimed in on the reviews too, but mine was not so bad as the other reviews.  I try to be very careful with this sweater.  I don't wear a necklace or a bracelet with it, and I'm very careful when I'm holding my keys.  

I actually wore this today! (1/30/12)
Caslon® Stripe Three Quarter Sleeve Sweater, Rust Clay Stripe -
Caslon® Boyfriend Shirt, white -
Blue Essence 'Eliot' Skinny Denim Jeans, Indigo Mood Wash (Nordstrom Exclusive) -
Tory Burch 'Reva' flat, Pyrite -
Lauren by Ralph Lauren 'Lake Tahoe' earrings, silver/gold -
Nordstrom Plissé Shopper, Camel -


I did not realize my collar was not laying flat!  Grrrr.  Note to self:  Always look in the full-length mirror before getting photographed.  I think the skinny jeans work here since the sweater is not fitted and somewhat boxy.  I need to think of a way to add navy or bright blue to complement the orange.  I am wearing a bright blue cocktail ring given to me by styleunderdog, but I did not get a close-up shot.  Perhaps navy or blue earrings will work.  I have a navy & gold bauble bracelet, but it will snag this sweater if I'm not paying attention.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sparkly Themed Bunco Party Outfit

Earlier this month I went to a Bunco party with a sparkly theme.  It was very cool to have another chance to wear holiday clothes post-holidays.  It was so much fun to see everyone wearing sparkles!

I have a great "success" story about the purchase of this sweater.  Unfortunately since my significant weight loss I can no longer wear my MICHAEL Michael Kors chevron striped sparkly tank, which would have been perfect to wear for this party.  (UGH- I was twenty-one lbs. heavier in that sparkly tank post.  The last photo is awful, most of my fat seems to go straight to my chin.)  I wasn't even planning on buying anything special for this party since I have a pair of big, sparkly, silver hoop earrings to go with my Charter Club cobalt blue v-neck sweater, and I was going to be fine with that.

I was at my local Nordstrom getting alterations on some jeans, and I couldn't help but notice the sparkly copper crewneck sweater on the mannequin in the Savvy department.  I kept looking and looking at it, walking away, and going back to it.  I was wondering why was this holiday-ish piece still on the mannequin?  It was January, shouldn't they be showcasing a navy and white tee for spring instead of a sparkly sweater?  Then I thought, hmmmm, maybe this is a new item and it is still okay to wear sparkles...

I checked the tag and learned that it's Marc by Marc Jacobs and was still at full price.  Ouch.... but I do have a Nordstrom gift card to use....   so I saw that the sweater on the mannequin was the only one I could see in the department and it was a size too big for me, so I asked the sales person to scan the tag and see if there was another one in my size somewhere at another Nordstrom.  None.  Zero left in Nordstrom stores.  Then she scanned it again to get the price, and.... wah lah... it has been marked down all the way to Nordstrom Rack price!

Since Nordstrom computers don't have access to Nordstrom Rack merchandise, you have to go through a process somewhat to find something specific at Nord Rack.  To find a specific item at Nordstrom Rack, start by getting the UPC number.  Just ask the sales person at the Nordstrom full line store to print you a Merch Search ticket for the item which will display the UPC number.  Then call Nordstrom Rack to tell them to find a specific item and you have the UPC.  They pull it up on their system, and they can tell you which specific Nordstrom Rack store has your item.  The hardest part is waiting on hold for what seems like forever while someone physically has to search the store for your item.  Sometimes I have been lucky, sometimes unlucky.  The computer says they might have '1', but that '1' may be lost, stolen, damaged, etc.

Anyway, so I asked the sales girl at the regular Nordstrom store for the merch search ticket and went home to call Nordstrom Rack to give them the UPC.  Only '1' in my size was listed in all Nordstrom Rack locations and it was in Houston.  I was not counting on them having it, as I said before when '1' is listed they hardly ever find it.  I was on hold, secretly crossing my fingers because I was SO in love with this sweater.  Amazingly, it only took her about two minutes to find it.  Just Amazing.  I was able to get it AND at the unexpected low Nordstrom Rack price.  My very first Marc by Marc Jacobs piece.  Woo hoo I couldn't be more excited about that!

I'm going to begin an evaluation section for my posts from now on.  The point of this blog is for me to evaluate my wardrobe and try to learn from the photos.  I hope my evaluations will help me to dress in the most flattering way for my body type and age.  I hope my readers will chime in on my evaluations.

I'm looking at myself in these photos, and the sweater seems a bit large on me, but I didn't notice this in the mirror.  I guess since I'm wearing skinny jeans it sort of balances it out that the sweater is slightly big.  I still don't believe I'm the perfect candidate for skinny jeans since they look best on taller people, but I feel better about wearing them since my weight loss.

I also think this sweater would look better with black skinny jeans instead of blue denim.  The mannequin display had black skinny jeans with this sweater.  I did buy these same skinny jeans in black but they were getting altered and were not completed in time before this party.

Thanks RC for the photos!

                                 Sparkly Themed Bunco Party Outfit

Hinge® Princess Seam Camisole, black (needed since this sweater is slightly sheer) - 
Blue Essence 'Eliot' Skinny Denim Jeans (Nordstrom Exclusive), Indigo Mood Wash (MID-rise and no bleaching/whiskering!) -
Givenchy 'Salt' Glass Pearl Linear Earrings, Espresso Pearl/ Smoky Quartz - Nordstrom
Cole Haan 'Air Talia' Pump, black suede -
Kenneth Cole NY 'High Polish' clutch, black patent - Nordstrom