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Sunday, May 27, 2012

100th post - Copycat Point Of View Mannequin #1

This marks my 100th post!

Last March, I copied this outfit exactly from a mannequin in the Point Of View department at my local Nordstrom.  It was the beautiful wood and clear acrylic bead necklace that did me in.  Then I thought it would be fun to wear the two different shades of green together - it would really take me out of my comfort zone.  Now I'm very comfortable wearing a lot of color at once.  I just had to try it once and now I'm hooked.

A note to some of my friends in the moms' group:  some of you have seen this outfit once already - I wore this outfit to our first day of wine tasting in Temecula.

On the mannequin:  Focusing could have been better on my iPhone.

On me:

Some notes on the outfit:
1.  It's interesting how in the mannequin photo, the color of the pants look like a darker turquoise.
2.  The cropped pants is a stretch for me since I'm a shorter person.  I suggested to the alterations lady that I should have them hemmed, and she agreed.  In comparison with the mannequin, mine still look too long.  Perhaps they would look more flattering if the hem hit right at the middle of my calf as it does on the mannequin.  I think I'll take them in to be hemmed up a bit more.
3.  My blue nail polish on my toes sort of continues the color blocking shades of greens into blues. 
4.  I guessed I should wear nude shoes.  I think I made a good choice.
5.  I was wearing a gold/hematite bracelet, but I forgot to put it back on after doing the dishes.  I keep repeating that note it seems.
6.  My favorite part of this outfit is the necklace.  It has just the right amount of texture which mimics the slightly textured plain sweater. 
7.  Oops!  The right hand on the mannequin is facing the wrong direction.  My husband noticed this.
8.  No, I have not had treatment yet for my vericose veins.  Then where are they, you ask?  Photoshop took care of them for this post. 

100th Post - Copycat Point Of View Mannequin #1

Halogen® Dolman Sleeve Sweater with Open Stitch Front (Petite), Green Golden - Nordstrom
Hinge® Princess Seam Camisole, Sand -
Halogen® 'Taylor' Curvy Fit Crop Pants, Aqua Plummage -Nordstrom
Natasha Couture Single Strand Wood & Acrylic Beads necklace - Nordstrom Trend Accessories (no photo online available)
Cole Haan 'Air Carma' OT pump, Sandalwood -
MICHAEL Michael Kors 'Addison' straw tote, Mocha - Nordstrom

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day

I did not mean to let this blog sit for so long without posting.  The boys' schedule after school has been really hectic lately, plus I added a third day with my fitness trainer.  My mother's day was really awesome.  I spent lunch with my family at Fashion Island at my favorite restaurant, Mariposa in Neiman Marcus.  I've lived here my whole life, but I've never known about this little gem until this year.  It is such a lovely place.  This is going to be my destination every Mother's Day from now on.  After walking around the mall after lunch, we met my family (my mom, dad & sisters) later for dinner near my mom's house.  It was a lovely day!  Get ready for a long post with lots of photos.

This dress has been sitting in my closet waiting for a special occasion.  I bought it in January.  I don't know why I do this.  It's just a wrap dress, no big deal, right?  I should have been wearing it all through this spring, but I never felt I had an opportunity to wear it until I had a nice place to go.  Also, I need the weather to be warm to wear a dress.  There's this particular necklace I wanted to wear with it but I had to wait for it to get fixed.  I didn't even get it fixed in time after all, so I couldn't even wear the necklace until the second wearing of the dress, which is the last photo below.  The wedges I've had for awhile and I could have worn them with other outfits, but they are special and I wanted them to be worn first with this particular dress.  I don't know why I do this, but after a particular piece has been worn with a certain outfit first, then I feel free to wear it all the time.  I know it's crazy.  I feel I have to wait for something special probably because I put so much time and effort in finding a particular piece that is low stock and so difficult to find at the sale price I want to at least wear it to a nice place for the first time.  Does anyone else feel this way???  Probably not.  :/

DVF wrap dress.  The fit and quality of this wrap dress is so amazingly awesome.   Huge thanks to the salesperson at Neiman Marcus who caught this dress right as it was being boxed up to go to the outlet store, Last Call by Neiman Marcus.  She had to search for a while to locate it.  She called me back once to say it couldn't be found, and then she called two hours later to tell me she had it in her hand.  I was so worried the dress would not be in good condition, but it was in perfect condition.  No snag, no stain, no wrinkle, no nothing.  Oh, and she let me have it for the outlet price.  Amazing woman, let me tell you.

Neiman Marcus gave all the mothers a lovely gift of larger sized fragrance samples.  This made me very happy, because Marc Jacobs Daisy is my favorite!

I forget the name of the delicious blood orange champagne cocktail that went perfectly with our prefix lunch, but here it is. 

 Had to include a close-up.  I'll be ordering this drink again.

I'm really happy with how my eyeshadow turned out.

Borrowed my son's balloon.

Very cool and modern decor at Mariposa Restaurant.  The food is divine, too.

My boys.

Outside at Fashion Island.  I thought wearing wedge sandals and carrying a larger handbag would make the outfit more casual.

My mom and two sisters.  What happened to my bangs?

I intended to wear the necklace below for Mother's Day, but it was not ready until a few days later.  I finally got to wear it to a show at the Laguna Playhouse last Wednesday.  I first saw the DVF dress online at Bloomingdale's, the model is shown wearing this necklace.  Here is the model wearing the DVF dress and this  pretty fashion forward necklace.  I would consider this almost a mixing of prints.  Normally I would go a safer route and wear a simple silver or gold pendant to not take away from the print of the dress, but I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and wear one that has pizazz that works with the print.  After a lot of hunting around, I finally learned the name of the brand and found the necklace.   Unfortunately, in reality it is on a long chain, not a short one.  It took two jewelry repair shops to remove the charms and put them on a shorter chain.  I am so glad I went out of my comfort zone in wearing this super-fun necklace!  House of Harlow 1960 is by Nicole Richie.  The collection is awesome.  You can see it here.

I really wanted to copy the exact sandals too, from the model's photo, but after a great deal of searching I could not even get the name brand. did not know the name brand of the shoe, and they said sometimes the models wear their own shoes.  I gave up searching.

Mother's Day Outfit

Diane von Furstenberg 'New Julian' silk wrap dress, Little Leaves Mint - Neiman Marcus (On clearance for 65% off!! This was a tough find, but worth all the work.  My first ever purchase from Neiman Marcus besides dines at the restaurant!)
Paul Green 'Leslie' wedge sandal, brown - (Worth every penny of my Nordstrom gift card.  Best quality shoes ever.)
Nordstrom Diamond Collection Heart Pendant Necklace, yellow gold - Nordstrom (gift from my husband for our 7th anniversary in 2008)
kate spade 'Keswick Caning' Lever Back Earrings, white - kate spade
kate spade 'Keswick Caning' bracelet, navy/gold - Nordstrom
B. Makowsky 'Ollie - Large' Crossbody Satchel, white -
House of Harlow 1960 Double Sunburst Necklace, black -

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crinkle Skirt Has Lost Its Crinkles

I bought this crinkle skirt a couple of years ago to copy one of Style Underdog's outfits.  When it was new before washing, the crinkles were much more apparent.  The care label says to wash in the gentle cycle, fold it in half, tie the skirt in a twisted knot, and put it in the dryer on low.  This will create the crinkles again.  Unfortunately, this has not worked very well for me.  I'm sad.  I miss the crinkles.  I must figure out how to wash and dry the skirt to get those crinkles to stay.  This skirt has been altered twice due to the weight loss.  I love this skirt, but with the crinkles.

To keep warm today, I wore my navy cardigan over this top.  I think the navy looks great with the orange, gray, and powder blue stripes.  Since the ties add interest to my shoulders, I prefer to wear this top alone.

Crinkle Skirt Has Lost Its Crinkles

I·N·C International Concepts Drop Waist Crinkle Skirt, grey - Macy's (here's one on Ebay in white that's new with better crinkles)
Anthropologie Tied-Shoulder Tank, Rouge-Red - (this
top is orange, NOT red)
Vince Camuto 'Logo Crest' Color Piping Leather Belt, coral -
B. Makowsky 'Ollie - Large' Crossbody Satchel, white -
Söfft 'Montera' Sandal, brown -
Natasha drop hoop earrings with crystals, silver - Nordstrom Trend Accessories Dept.
kate spade 'keswick caning' bracelet, navy & gold - Nordstrom

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Copycat Kendi #1

Kendi's "Another Day, Another Blazer" post made me realize I need blazers!  Prior to the recent purchase of the red blazer in this post, I only have my one gray suit jacket, and it's a little fancy with the peplum detail.  I've been wearing way too many cardigans for the last couple of years, and I'm getting a little bored with them (especially the solid ones.)  A blazer adds a little more sophistication to an outfit, but it can still be a casual chic look.  Since red and fuchsia are different shades of the same color palette, I think these colors look absolutely amazing together.  And then that skinny little turquoise pendant necklace, wow!  This color adds just the right amount of interest to the outfit.  The necklace is just the right size - it keeps all this color in proportion.  This outfit is definitely one of my favorites of Kendi's, so much I wanted to copy it....

I put my own spin on her outfit by wearing darker denim and a nude shoe. Her pumps are a dark coral and not an exact match of her red blazer which makes it stylish and current, but I only have red patent pumps and thought it might be too much red for me.  I am not sure I can pull off the super light wash denim.  I don't think I like light denim for myself anyway.  (Clinton Kelly says no light wash denim on people of a certain age!)

Kendi's top is a racerback tank, and I actually located the exact one from Gap.  I tried it, but it is long and tent-like.  She wears it partially tucked in, partially out, and it looks fabulous on her.  Boy did I try over and over again to accomplish this same look.   It just hung on me looking very sloppy, so the tank was returned.  Caslon tees come in petite length and is a fitted look, so I just went with what works better on me.

I did not include a handbag for this outfit post since I do not have the beautiful Melie Bianco cognac clutch or any other bag that comes close to this color.  What I carried for the day is my usual Nordstrom Plissé crinkle leather shopper, which is much too large and doesn't really compliment the outfit. 

This post is titled Copycat Kendi #1 only because additional copies of Kendi's outfits are coming up.  This may sound a little stalkerish, but I am actually very glad I've found a blog whose style I like, and I'm getting fantastic ideas for colors I've never thought of that could go together.

A note about this blazer:  Ambition makes really nice blazers, and they are very reasonably priced.  This one was regularly priced at $59, but I got mine at the Nordstrom Rack price of $19.97!  This is very lightweight for summer and I just love it.  I prefer my arms to be covered up during the heat so this jacket will keep me cool, too.  I believe this is a Nordstrom house brand sold in the Point of View department.   I'm excited to remix this blazer.

Here is my new 'do.  I've decided to let my bangs grow out a bit and do the side-swept look for a while.  I also got my eyebrows shaped. It has only been done once before back in 2009 before a work reunion. I've always thought I had okay looking eyebrows and never wanted to deal with the upkeep. I really like the more feminine and polished look this has given me, so I think I'll be dealing with the upkeep.

Copycat Kendi #1

Caslon® Scoop Neck Tee, Pink Fuchsia -
Ambition Twill Blazer, red -
Blue Essence 'Eliot' Skinny Denim Jeans, Indigo Mood Wash -
Vanessa Mooney 'Oleda Turquoise Necklace' -
Cole Haan 'Air Carma' OT pump, Sandalwood -

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Out On A Weeknight Even Though I'm Tired

This house is one of my husband's remodel projects.  I wish we could live in it.  Monday night we met the clients at their house for appetizers, then we went out to dinner.  This was the first time I've seen this house.  I must say I'm very proud of my husband's work!  I wish I had photos to share of the kitchen and the rest of the house.

It was a lovely, lovely evening, but it has become very difficult to go out on weeknights.  It hurts to stay up late knowing I have to get the kids up early and off to school the next day.  It's even worse when I have fitness training on the next day after going out at night.  On the other hand, I do love getting dressed in a nice outfit and go out any chance I can get.  Otherwise I wouldn't get to wear my clothes very often.

This shirtdress is replacement for my old one since my weight loss.  It is the exact same dress but in a different color.  I really liked the gray one better, but I could not find the gray color again.  I found this blue one on and the price was less than half of the price of my gray one.  Speaking of gray - boy, oh boy, is it time for some hair color!  These photos were taken last Monday, and I got a hair cut and color just yesterday (Saturday).  You'll see my new 'do in my next post.

Out On A Weeknight Even Though I'm Tired

Jessica Simpson Spread Collar Button Front Ruffled Belted Dress, Ink Blue -
Halogen 3/4 sleeve cardigan, Cardinal Red -
Cole Haan opaque tights, black -
Cole Haan 'Air Lyric' tall boot, black -
Kendra Scott 'Python' chandelier earrings, black, gold & gray - Nordstrom 
Natasha Couture 'Barrie' Bangles, silver - Nordstrom
kate spade 'daisy hill - griffen' vertical tote, cream -