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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quintessential WNTW Outfit, Minus the Big Cuff Bracelet

Oh boy have I been behind with this blog!!  Things have been a little crazy lately.  Swimming lessons are twice a week now, and getting the boys ready for this with sunscreen and changing clothes and taking them from school to the pool and making sure they've had a snack and getting them there ready within 30 minutes from school let out time --has been quite a challenge.

Also, I've been buried in books lately.  I have a THING for celebrity tell-all books!!  Every free moment I have I try to read.  I just finished Meredith Baxter's new book, Untied.  It was AMAZINGLY interesting.  Now I'm reading David Cassidy's book, Could It Be Forever?  My Story.  I'm whipping through this one rather quickly because it is SO GOOD.

This photo was taken of me at a Bunco party about three weeks ago.  This outfit, I'm going to call it the quintessential What Not To Wear recommended outfit for my body type.  I have the patterned blouse with color, embellishment at the neck, emphasis at the waist with the cinched tie; a flattering dark wash pencil skirt that is the correct length for my age; a cardigan as the completer piece, and of course, the orange clutch as my POP of color.  I have nice dangly earrings, but I did forget my cuff bracelet!!  Oops! My skirt looks like it's black but it is dark denim. 

Quintessential WNTW Outfit, Minus the Big Cuff Bracelet
Alfani patterned sleeveless blouse w/ cinched waist w/ embellishment, Washed Layers - Macy's
Halogen 3/4 sleeve cardigan, Ivory -
Halogen denim pencil skirt, Dark Indigo -
Cole Haan 'Carma Air' OT pumps, Sandalwood -
Argento Vivo Dome Lace Earrings, Gold -


  1. What a great outfit! You are a good student of Clinton's. ;-)

  2. Wow, that outfit really does look AMAZING on you. I mean, you look fabulous in anything, but this ensemble is just perfect, the way it fits and flatters. What Not To Wear really has the best suggestions!

    Did you watch the royal wedding? Any style thoughts?? :D

  3. Beautiful! Clinton and Stacy would be SO proud!

    Hmm, I think the last celebrity tell all book I read was Teri Hatcher's book Burnt Toast. It was kind

  4. What a beautiful blouse - looks great on you. And LOVE the pop of color with the bag!

  5. Donna,
    Thank you, I have fun being Clinton's student. :)

    I apologize for not answering your question. I have not had much time for this blog in a while and I vow to change that! I only watched coverage of the royal wedding, and I absolutely loved her dress. So classy looking.
    Thank you for your kind words. I love this outfit.

    Pear, I haven't heard much about Teri Hatcher's book. Do you read other celeb books?

    Allie, Thanks for the reply and kind words. I truly love a nice POP of color.

  6. Absolutely love your blog! So glad we found you!