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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Me & The World Trade Center - 1989

New York City is a very special place to me.  When I was little I used to dream about visiting there someday.  My mom is from Brooklyn, so I have a connection to New York.  This post is to remember the terrible tragedy of September 11, 2001 by sharing with you my photos of the building and the views from the observation deck back in June 1989 during my first visit to New York City.

My favorite part of the trip was visiting the World Trade Center.  These were my favorite buildings ever and I couldn't wait to go see them in person and enjoy the amazing views.

The following photos were taken on a very hazy, unclear, hot, humid day in July of 1989.  I was 20 years old.

Here I am with my mom.  I'm dressed in my favorite peach romper and matching peach hair scrunchy (it was definitely okay to wear scrunchies in 1989!) with the World Trade Center in the hazy background.

One of the towers, standing as close as I could get to include as much as I could of the tower.

View looking out from the observation deck.

If my memory serves me correctly, this shot looking north was taken while standing on the roof.  Yes, I stood on the roof.  This is one of the reasons why the World Trade Center means so much to me.  I stood on the roof of a building that has been destroyed. 

Unfortunately I didn't have my photo taken while standing on the roof of the World Trade Center.  I do have the following photo of me on that same day, so now I know what I was wearing while standing on the roof.  This fuchsia collared top with big buttons and matching bermuda shorts.  I probably wore my matching fuchsia scrunchie.  I bought this outfit at a store called Clothestime.  Today the same type of store is Forever 21.  We went to a beach but I can't remember if it was in Brooklyn or Queens.  I think it might have been Rockaway Beach in Queens.  This was just after our visit to the World Trade Center. 

Some thoughts.

It was unusual for me, someone from the west coast and under 25 years old, to have visited New York City three times.  I have been in the World Trade Center all three of those times.  The buildings were modern and cool, and just simply spectacular.  I even loved the first floor plaza.  I just loved being there.  Those buildings were damn special to me.

On each of my visits to the World Trade Center, I wanted desperately to eat in the nice restaurant that was on the top floor of the north tower, Windows On The World.  Unfortunately, the prices were high and the people whom I was with did not want to eat there because of it.  I wish I would have gone in there anyway by myself to enjoy the restaurant even if only for a drink and make my friends wait.  It's now too late.  I did at least stop on the floor of the restaurant and take a peak, but that was it. 

I was teaching fourth grade on 9/11/01.  It was the probably the fourth day of school.  I cried every night for weeks.  All I could think about was the building and how special it was to me, and all of those people who died in the building.

Here is an archived link to the original Windows On The World restaurant website.  You can see what was on the menus and everything.  I remember looking at this site on the night of 9/11 and many times after remembering, wishing, crying.


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos and memories. You had such a connection to New York and the WTC, it must have been especially hard for you 10 years ago. :(

  2. Thanks Pear for your words, they mean a lot to me.
    Yes, it was hard back then. It is still hard for me every 9/11. This one has been rough.

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