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Monday, January 30, 2012

Orange Love

I am so in love with orange right now, and there will be quite a few posts of outfits with orange this spring and summer!

Yikes, my vericose veins on my right foot are UGLY.

The Caslon boyfriend shirt is so soft and light and super comfy.  This will help to keep from getting too hot in this sweater.  The sweater is also very soft to the touch.  Unfortunately this sweater snags VERY easily.  Luckily mine were fixable.  The reviews on this sweater are terrible because of its tendency to snag so easily.  I chimed in on the reviews too, but mine was not so bad as the other reviews.  I try to be very careful with this sweater.  I don't wear a necklace or a bracelet with it, and I'm very careful when I'm holding my keys.  

I actually wore this today! (1/30/12)
Caslon® Stripe Three Quarter Sleeve Sweater, Rust Clay Stripe -
Caslon® Boyfriend Shirt, white -
Blue Essence 'Eliot' Skinny Denim Jeans, Indigo Mood Wash (Nordstrom Exclusive) -
Tory Burch 'Reva' flat, Pyrite -
Lauren by Ralph Lauren 'Lake Tahoe' earrings, silver/gold -
Nordstrom Plissé Shopper, Camel -


I did not realize my collar was not laying flat!  Grrrr.  Note to self:  Always look in the full-length mirror before getting photographed.  I think the skinny jeans work here since the sweater is not fitted and somewhat boxy.  I need to think of a way to add navy or bright blue to complement the orange.  I am wearing a bright blue cocktail ring given to me by styleunderdog, but I did not get a close-up shot.  Perhaps navy or blue earrings will work.  I have a navy & gold bauble bracelet, but it will snag this sweater if I'm not paying attention.


  1. This outfit is perfection! I love the way everything goes together and looks fabulous on you. The words "effortlessly chic" come to mind.

    I'm going to have to check out that button down shirt for layering. I'm so bad at layering! I usually just wear a sweater on its own... but that's kind of boring. I love the Caslon brand, so I'm going to give it a try.

  2. Thanks Allison! The Caslon boyfriend shirt comes in an array of colors, I am thinking about getting a printed one.

    Welcome his_girl_friday! Thanks for your comment. I can't get enough of orange.

  3. Your style is very classy and I love that!! Cute Cute Outfit!