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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nordstrom Employee Outfit

I can't believe I've let most of June go by and only have one post on my blog prior to this one.  This means I have too many things going on.  Or wait, maybe it's just that I'm addicted to House Hunters.  I've been watching House Hunters since the show debuted in 1999.  I think it's hysterical that the show made the news recently.

These photos were taken the day after I actually wore the outfit.  I got too busy and then the sun went down, so I missed out on the opportunity to get photographed.  So I woke up early the next day and threw on yesterday's outfit before my husband left for golf lessons.  The following photos were taken at 7am.  I have quite the groggy look in the second photo.

Last Satuday, on the real day I wore this outfit, I felt really good wearing it.  I was at the mall for part of the day, and four people asked me if I worked at Nordstrom.  Two of them were Nordstrom employees.  One of them asked me what department I worked in.  I told her t.b.d., and she believed me.

Nordstrom Employee Outfit (I actually put this together all on my own - no copying anyone!)
Gibson linen one-button blazer, white -
Shimera Seamless tank, navy stripe (different color) -
Vince skinny crop jeans, coral -
Cole Haan 'Bettina Catalina Crossbody', Rock Candy - (got with my Cole Haan b-day discount!)
kate spade 'Keswick Caning' bracelet, navy/gold - Nordstrom
Alexis Bittar 'Small Donut' lucite pendant necklace, gold - Nordstrom Rack
Paul Green 'Leslie' sandal, brown -


  1. What a fantastic look! I don't know if I would have thought you worked at Nordstrom, but obviously you shop there!

  2. Thanks, Pear! Yeah, I was a little surprised since I was wearing open-toed sandals. I don't think those would be allowed.

  3. This is so cute........the orange pants look great on you...I love how you paired the white jacket and the little hint of pink with them.