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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why Not Girl! Of The Week - Why Not Mix These Prints?

I am happy to share that my friend Penny from my moms group nominated me to be a Why Not! Girl of The Week!  Here's a little bit about the website that Forbes says is one of the 100 Best Websites For Women for 2013:

"Why Not Girl!, a website empowering women to try new things, live life as an adventure and say Why Not!"

Please see my contribution to the Why Not Girl website here:

Why Not Girl! Of The Week

BIG thanks to Penny and Lauren from Why Not Girl!

Here's a super casusal outfit I wore several weeks ago, but I forgot to wear jewelry because I was rushing..... bummer.

Why Not Mix These Prints? Two of the colors in the prints are red and white, so that's okay, right?  I'm really trying to get over my fear of mixing prints.  It seems that most mannequins I see in stores are wearing mixed prints.  
My hubby loves the second photo so I'm including it.

Why Not Mix These Prints?

Milly 'Tribal' Canvas Tote, red/green combo - Nordstrom
NYDJ 'Hayden' Walking Shorts, Resin Wash -

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