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Friday, December 4, 2015

Anna Beck Jewelry Designer Becky Hosmer at Nordstrom

Last night my friends and I went to the Customer Rewards Night holiday party at Nordstrom in Mission Viejo.  It was an exciting event for me as I had the amazing opportunity to meet my favorite fashion jewelry designer of Anna Beck jewelry, Becky Hosmer.  Her trunk show was fabulous.  Pieces usually only available at her boutique in Los Angeles and were available at Nordstrom for this event.  Unfortunately, I forgot to wear my Anna Beck ring.  I was so bummed, but I was so excited to purchase these beautiful silver earrings.  I will wear them in a post very soon.  My friend Shawn noticed Becky and I are wearing very similar shoes and definitely the same color!

These Nordstrom parties are super fun, and I enjoy them every year.   Appetizers are passed around, free booze is served, a DJ plays music, and you earn 10 Nordstrom points per $1 spent to get you those Nordstrom Notes faster.

Nordstrom Holiday Party 2015

Becky Hosmer is wearing Anna Beck 'Gili' Long Station Necklace in gold/silver / see all bracelets/cuffs Becky is wearing at / see all rings Becky is wearing at  Sign up at to get on the list for great promotion codes and updates. 

Curious How Becky came up with the name Anna Beck?  See the following interview from, an online store that sells Anna Beck jewelry. 

SMU: Where did the name Anna Beck come from?
Becky: It’s a play on my first and middle names. Anne is my middle name and though my first name is Rebecca, friends call me Beck. I flipped them around for something that sounds sweet and simple.


  1. Sorry I missed the party, but I was at Disneyland! Wow, what a celebration.

    1. Thanks for visiting me here, Michela! I wonder which store we'll bump into each other next!

  2. The Nordstrom parties are so much fun. You two gals look great.