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Friday, July 22, 2011

Hawaiian Themed Bunco Party Outfit

Lately my focus has been eating healthy and doing some serious exercise, so my time in actual nice clothes has been very limited.  I've been running around in jogging clothes.  Wearing workout clothes while doing errands and taking my kids to summer classes and playdates is so NOT what I'm into, but I really needed to change my horrible eating habits and do something about my lack of exercise.  I realize when spending so much time planning meals and doing exercise there really isn't much time to take a leisurely shower and change to nicer clothes and actually take the kids anywhere and get them there on time.  So, I've been really super frumpy lately.

This photo is from June at a Hawaiian themed Bunco party.  What a fun time that was.

Hawaiian Themed Bunco Party
Strapless Tie-Front Hawaiian Dress, black - borrowed (Thanks Kim F!)
beautiful blue lei, party gift (Thanks Kat!)
Natasha two-toned floral earrings Silver/Gold - Nordstrom
Franco Sarto 'Carnival' patent wedge, Black -
Alfani bracelet, Clear Red - Macy's


  1. well it's paying off-- you look very fit! how fun to have to shop for new jeans because maybe your old ones are too loose!

  2. Well, give yourself a huge hug because it's working ... you look fab!

  3. Thank you kate and Wendy for your nice comments! My current jeans are still fitting fine, but it's my bermuda shorts that are huge on me and I've already had to take the waist in. I think I need to have them taken in again. I'm trying to avoid buying new clothes. Thankfully my dresses are fitting the best they've ever fit before.