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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Copycat Kendi #1

Kendi's "Another Day, Another Blazer" post made me realize I need blazers!  Prior to the recent purchase of the red blazer in this post, I only have my one gray suit jacket, and it's a little fancy with the peplum detail.  I've been wearing way too many cardigans for the last couple of years, and I'm getting a little bored with them (especially the solid ones.)  A blazer adds a little more sophistication to an outfit, but it can still be a casual chic look.  Since red and fuchsia are different shades of the same color palette, I think these colors look absolutely amazing together.  And then that skinny little turquoise pendant necklace, wow!  This color adds just the right amount of interest to the outfit.  The necklace is just the right size - it keeps all this color in proportion.  This outfit is definitely one of my favorites of Kendi's, so much I wanted to copy it....

I put my own spin on her outfit by wearing darker denim and a nude shoe. Her pumps are a dark coral and not an exact match of her red blazer which makes it stylish and current, but I only have red patent pumps and thought it might be too much red for me.  I am not sure I can pull off the super light wash denim.  I don't think I like light denim for myself anyway.  (Clinton Kelly says no light wash denim on people of a certain age!)

Kendi's top is a racerback tank, and I actually located the exact one from Gap.  I tried it, but it is long and tent-like.  She wears it partially tucked in, partially out, and it looks fabulous on her.  Boy did I try over and over again to accomplish this same look.   It just hung on me looking very sloppy, so the tank was returned.  Caslon tees come in petite length and is a fitted look, so I just went with what works better on me.

I did not include a handbag for this outfit post since I do not have the beautiful Melie Bianco cognac clutch or any other bag that comes close to this color.  What I carried for the day is my usual Nordstrom Pliss√© crinkle leather shopper, which is much too large and doesn't really compliment the outfit. 

This post is titled Copycat Kendi #1 only because additional copies of Kendi's outfits are coming up.  This may sound a little stalkerish, but I am actually very glad I've found a blog whose style I like, and I'm getting fantastic ideas for colors I've never thought of that could go together.

A note about this blazer:  Ambition makes really nice blazers, and they are very reasonably priced.  This one was regularly priced at $59, but I got mine at the Nordstrom Rack price of $19.97!  This is very lightweight for summer and I just love it.  I prefer my arms to be covered up during the heat so this jacket will keep me cool, too.  I believe this is a Nordstrom house brand sold in the Point of View department.   I'm excited to remix this blazer.

Here is my new 'do.  I've decided to let my bangs grow out a bit and do the side-swept look for a while.  I also got my eyebrows shaped. It has only been done once before back in 2009 before a work reunion. I've always thought I had okay looking eyebrows and never wanted to deal with the upkeep. I really like the more feminine and polished look this has given me, so I think I'll be dealing with the upkeep.

Copycat Kendi #1

Caslon® Scoop Neck Tee, Pink Fuchsia -
Ambition Twill Blazer, red -
Blue Essence 'Eliot' Skinny Denim Jeans, Indigo Mood Wash -
Vanessa Mooney 'Oleda Turquoise Necklace' -
Cole Haan 'Air Carma' OT pump, Sandalwood -


  1. Yay for colorblocking and blazers! :)

  2. The new 'do' is smashing. I really like the blazer with the jeans. You're copying Kendi and I am copying you. Kendi is way too tall and way too cute for me to feel comfortable in some things she wears.
    Have you seen a simlar blog called What I Wore? I like her style too sometimes.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for visiting my live blog, L!

  4. i've done lots of copycats by kendi and it's nearly always a success.

    1. Thanks for visiting here, Angie! I'm so happy to have more visitors. Could you send me links of your Kendi-inspired outfits?

  5. I work across from Fashion Island; you're inspiring me to go to Nordstrom's at lunch and check out the blazer (if it is still there). Nice outfit and I like the red/pink combo.
    The turquoise pendant goes great as a color contrast too.

    1. Anon, I'm not sure you'll be able to find this particular blazer anymore at full-line Nordstrom stores since it has been sent to Nordstrom Rack.

      I do have the UPC # for my size, and you call Nordstrom Rack and give them that UPC #. Just tell them the size you want and they can find it based on the UPC #. Their system allows for the item to be checked throughout all Nordstrom Rack stores across the country. They can locate one and call you back, and then the store can mail it to you. That's how I get a lot of my Nordstrom stuff cheap! Here is the UPC # for the Ambition Twill Blazer in Red: 836374134580.

      You can also check this link for a return at Sometimes you can get lucky and sizes will magically appear again:

      If all that is too much work, I completely understand! Here is a link to the most current Ambition blazer with all sizes still available:

    2. Thanks so much! I haven't done that before, but I might try it. I've been a casual shopper.