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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Crinkle Skirt Has Lost Its Crinkles

I bought this crinkle skirt a couple of years ago to copy one of Style Underdog's outfits.  When it was new before washing, the crinkles were much more apparent.  The care label says to wash in the gentle cycle, fold it in half, tie the skirt in a twisted knot, and put it in the dryer on low.  This will create the crinkles again.  Unfortunately, this has not worked very well for me.  I'm sad.  I miss the crinkles.  I must figure out how to wash and dry the skirt to get those crinkles to stay.  This skirt has been altered twice due to the weight loss.  I love this skirt, but with the crinkles.

To keep warm today, I wore my navy cardigan over this top.  I think the navy looks great with the orange, gray, and powder blue stripes.  Since the ties add interest to my shoulders, I prefer to wear this top alone.

Crinkle Skirt Has Lost Its Crinkles

I·N·C International Concepts Drop Waist Crinkle Skirt, grey - Macy's (here's one on Ebay in white that's new with better crinkles)
Anthropologie Tied-Shoulder Tank, Rouge-Red - (this
top is orange, NOT red)
Vince Camuto 'Logo Crest' Color Piping Leather Belt, coral -
B. Makowsky 'Ollie - Large' Crossbody Satchel, white -
Söfft 'Montera' Sandal, brown -
Natasha drop hoop earrings with crystals, silver - Nordstrom Trend Accessories Dept.
kate spade 'keswick caning' bracelet, navy & gold - Nordstrom


  1. I love the colors in this outfit.

    I have a crinkle top and the directions to maintain the crinkles are printed on the tag...I don't know if you can revive your crinkles, but it might be worth a try:

    Before washing fold the shirt in thirds vertically and then twist as if you are wringing a towel, then tie in a knot maintain the twist and place in dryer on low. My shirt does retain the crinkles...I think the key is twisting/wringing before knotting.

    It may be worth a try..hope it works!

  2. I love your top so much! The colors of your outfit go so well together. Very nice!

  3. Found you via Bella! LOVE this look-new follower!
    have a great weekend!

  4. It is disappointing to lose crinkles on a skirt. From what I've seen and what Lisa mentioned above, twisting is key. You may even try twisting and putting it inside old pantyhose while in the dryer.