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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1st Product Review - Kipling Handbags

I am very excited to announce I've been asked to do my first product review of Kipling handbags!  Just so you know, I would only review products I would consider purchasing.

Kipling handbags offer that chic, casual look that would perk up any outfit.  My favorite is the Alvar Medium Shoulder Bag in Bright Purple.

The purple hue seems like it gives just the right amount of punch, and the color could go spring or fall.  The color is quite versatile since it could be worn year-round, don't you think?  The adjustable strap is quite functional, the zippered compartments will keep your things organized.
I can't seem to decide which is my favorite feature of this bag:
1.  The Original Furry Kipling Monkey (my 8 & 6 year olds would adore
this Kipling Monkey) 
2.  The fact that this bag actually has twp PEN compartments!  I always wanted a bag with a pen compartment, this feature is not an easy find!  It seems I'm always searching frantically through the zippered compartments and the bottom of my bag looking for a pen.  This bag would definitely solve the problem.

Here you can find see the entire Kipling Bags collection and for my UK readers too can buy them from Collectables.

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