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Friday, July 6, 2012

Copycat Quinn from Glee

Guess what?  I hunted down another outfit I saw on TV.  Here's the outfit on Quinn. I found her outfit very interesting because of the mixing of the dots and pop of green stripes.  The most difficult part of hunting down the outfit were the shoes.  Jeez.  What a story.

Since she was not shown carrying a handbag, I was clueless what to do.  Since I did not have Quinn's green headband, I think my clutch works since it has a lime green trim all around the outside of the bag.  The color just doesn't show that much in the photo.  It really is nice in person.  I also have earrings on that are light green.

My husband really likes this photo below.  I was trying to think of what to do differently with my pose.

Later that day our family rented a duffy boat in Newport Beach.  I ditched the blazer and added my green straw hat.

Copycat Quinn from Glee 

Juicy Couture 'Sharp' Classic Blazer, Regal - (Rack online)
J. Crew 'Jacquard Dot Popover' shirt, ivory/navy dots -
Blue Essence 'Eliot' Skinny Jeans, Indigo Mood Wash - (I need some DARKER skinny jeans)
kate spade 'Tasha' striped flat, green/navy - Bloomingdale's (40% off, worth the MAJOR hunt-down)
Trouvé 'Large' Envelope Clutch, chocolate brown/lime - Nordstrom
Nordstrom 'Starlight' Long Pendant Necklace, gold -
Liz Palacios 'Zodiac Confetti' Earrings, light green/gold - Nordstrom
August Straw Hat with adjustable tie, green - Nordstrom (not available online) This hat is truly wonderful because of the adjustable tie.  Last year I tried 5 hats, all "one size".  Every single one of them were much too big for my head.  I bought the hat for a hat party in June, here I am wearing it with my good friend, K:

Hat Party Bunco

RACHEL Rachel Roy Dress, Devi Strapless Belted Tiered, black -
August Straw Hat with adjustable tie, green - Nordstrom (not available online)
kate spade 'Double Exposure' Long Necklace - green, navy, gold - (65% off with promo code - major score)


  1. Your outfit is so cute. I love the polka dot top and the green hat is so darn cute cute cute!
    You look great.

  2. Great job with the copycat outfit. I can't believe you were able to put everything together, right down to the shoes! You look terrific in this outfit :)

  3. Thanks Lisa, I'm always happy when polka-dots come back in style. I've always loved them. I wish I had a photo of me in my black with white polka-dots outfit back around 1991. I had black with white polka-dots bermuda shorts, tank, and socks. I wore them all together. It was sickening. Back then we felt we HAD to match everything. Now we wouldn't dare match that much!

    Sylvia, thanks! The shoes and shirt are the only exact pieces of Quinn's outfit. Her navy blazer is by J. Crew, the 'Schooolboy' blazer. I liked that one too, but I was digging the Juicy Couture one better since it has a beautiful fuchsia lining inside and it cost so much less at a clearance price.