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Monday, November 9, 2015

Sunday Lunch with Family

Yep, it's been a while.  I guess I have the same excuse.... no one around take my photo.... hate my poses... same old, same old excuses.  I have so many outfits I am excited about.... I should get off my butt and blog them.  

My favorite blogger beverlylikehills is now back in OC and blogging, I must say her return has inspired me to blog again.

This dress is my favorite right now.  I can see wearing boots and tights as another option for day, and to dress up I can wear my red wine suede heels. I suppose a colorful tote would improve this outfit, but today I felt the monochromatic look was working.  My colorful tote is too springy anyway. My family and I had a nice lunch out Sunday afternoon, and this is what I wore.

Lunch Outfit:
Tory Burch Long-Sleeve Jacquard Stripe Wrap Dress, Navy Oxford Stripe
Tory Burch 'Sally 2' Peep Toe Wedge Pump, Black/Silver 
Marc by Marc Jacobs Metropolitote Leather Tote 48, Black Multi (Note:  This link is offering a very good price today: it's showing at $229 + an extra 40% off, which will bring it to $137.40.  That's a better deal than I got!

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