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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Affair & GH TV Copycat

Friday my family celebrated my dad's 80th birthday, and this is what I wore out to lunch to one of my favorite local restaurants.  

This blouse was seen on "Helen Solloway" in the season 2 episode 6 episode of Showtime's "The Affair" shown on November 8.  This blouse and earrings are the exact pieces "Hayden Barnes" wore on the October 15th episode of "General Hospital." As you can see in the photos provided by one of my favorite blogs, imasoapfan, Hayden's earrings have been shortened.  I didn't want to shorten my earrings.  I hope mine look okay not shortened.  

I would improve this outfit in three ways:
1.  Do NOT match lipstick to the blouse.  Choose a rose color instead.
2.  Open the blouse one more button.   
3.  Roll the sleeves up higher.  

I should be looking at the lens instead of above at my husbsand. He insists he likes how these pictures turned out, but I am not fond of the way my eyes are looking up instead of at the camera lens.  Ok, enough criticizing of this post. Let's get to the photos.

"Helen Solloway" wearing The Kooples crepe matte shirt on "The Affair" Season 2 Episode 6. 

"Hayden Barnes" on "GH" wearing The Kooples crepe matte shirt. (Thank you to imasoapfan for the photo and for locating the shirt.)

"Hayden Barnes" on "GH" wearing House of Harlow Meteora earrings.  (Thank you to imasoapfan for the photo.)

Dad's 80th Birthday Outfit/ Helen of The Affair Hayden Barnes of GH "Copycat"

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