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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chambray Shirtdress - Sunday's outfit

Last season I spent so much time looking for a shirtdress.  It took forever to find one.  I bought two and was set to decide on one of them, but I ended up returning them both because I accidentally found this one when I wasn't even looking.  I swear that's how it almost always happens for me.  When I have a purpose to find something I never have luck.  When I'm not looking for something specifically I always come across the most amazing finds.  I wanted something basic and straightforward but with a feminine touch.  The first two shirtdresses I bought were these:

Tahari By Arthur S. Levine Linen Belted Shirtdress in Ivory:
I didn't go with this one because the linen creased SO MUCH.  Also, I felt this one would limit me to spring/summer only.  It is so pretty, though.

The second dress I bought was this one:
Calvin Klein Stretch Belted Shirtdress in Black
This one was SO stiff and uncomfortable.  I couldn't bend easily.  Plus, no matter how much I liked how it looked on the model and the hanger, with all the buttons I swear I looked like a police officer.  It went back as well.

Then I found this little gem.  I absolutely love charcoal gray, I love the collar and buttons, and I definitely love the hem and feminine bow tie emphasis at the waist.  I can wear this color all year round.  With flats in the spring/summer, with tights and boots in fall/winter.

I probably could have done a better job tying the bow at the waist.  I noticed after the pics were taken.

These boots are leather in the front and nylon in the back.  The strap on the back gives them definition.

Again I forgot to have my photographer get a close-up of my bracelet.  I took this one myself later.  Not so flattering, but I had to share.  I love this bracelet. 

Jessica Simpson Chambray Shirtdress in Blue/White Ink (that's what the tag says, it looks like charcoal to me!) - Nordstrom
Opaque tights black - Nordstrom brand
Cole Haan 'Air Lyric' flat boot in black with NIKE AIR technology -
Perlina snakeskin handbag in teal - Nordstrom
kate spade 'Keswick Caning' bracelet ink gold/black/cream  *gift from kate spade new york creative director
stud earrings - 'Black Diamond':  Nadri - (I find I am repeatedly wearing these!)

*Story behind the kate spade bracelet (I always seem to have a story behind a purchase, don't I?):  I was desperately searching for the matching necklace and the best price was at  The website showed a photograph of the necklace in THIS COLOR, but they sent me a different color.  Customer Service did nothing for me.  They said it was the vendor's fault for providing the wrong photos for the bloomies website.  They never carried that color and never would.  I wrote a letter to the higher ups at Bloomingdale's and to kate spade new york explaining my not-so-great experience in trying to buy the necklace.  Bloomies sent me a $50 gift card, and the creative director of kate spade new york sent me the necklace and matching bracelet complimentary along with an apology note.  Of course, I will never wear them together.  It's funny, I saw the creative director of kate spade on Project Runway last season.  I was like, wow, she sent me the jewelry!  It was probably her assistant who wrote me the note and sent the jewelry... oh well.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, the perfect shirtdress. I'm still waiting to find one long enough for me. I looked, and looked, and looked at that Calvin Klein one. The one you found is nice. I can't wait to see you style it for summer.