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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raspberry Handbag POP of color - last Saturday's outfit

This button-down shirt is a favorite of mine since the contrasting fabric cotton panels give the shirt a fitted look.  I have a habit of copying other people's outfits.  This one I definitely copied.  I saw a girl in the mall wearing this shirt, wide leg trouser jeans, and Tory Burch snakeskin Reva flats.  I couldn't find the snakeskin Revas but that's fine, I wanted the silver ones instead, and by that point I was ready to turn in my Nordy Notes to buy something special and get those TB's.  Unfortunately, one day I was carrying my youngest out from the car, and I misjudged the distance between my foot and the concrete step.  I completely scratched one of the medallions.  I called TB customer service and told them what happened, and they generously sent me a new medallion.  I have not had it replaced yet on my shoe.  I'm scared to death that the shoe repair won't do it right or will ruin the shoe.  So it's still sitting in in envelope.  You can see the awful scratches on the right medallion.

There is a silly little back story about the raspberry handbag.   This exact bag was featured on a What Not To Wear episode back in 2008.  The participant's name was Sunny, and she wore angel wings as part of her regular wardrobe.  Stacy & Clinton made her up very well, and she was carrying this bag during one of the reveal segments.  I never tried to hunt down an item featured on this show before, so I thought I'd give it a try by checking out the ending credits and googled each one listed.  The very last one was JC Penney, and I found it on  By that point the bag was reduced to I think $19.99 from $48.  And I used a coupon to get an additional 20% off.  NICE!

Oh!  I found a video clip of Sunny's episode featuring my raspberry handbag!

 wide leg trouser jeans:  KUT From The Kloth 'Delight Wash'- Nordstrom Rack
button-down shirt:  James Perse Contrast Panel Roll-Sleeve in Deep - Nordstrom
raspberry patent handbag:  Bisou Bisou -
silver flats:  Tory Burch 'Reva' - Nordstrom (purchased with a gift card)
stud earrings - 'Black Diamond':  Nadri -
metallic leaf pendant necklace:  Style & Co. (Macy's brand)
two-toned silver cuff bracelet:  Macy's


  1. Found you via styleunderdog's blog- I am also a 40 plus stay at home mom- although I am not a fashion blogger- I love to be inspired by others that do.

    Nice pop of color with the bag. you might like ephemera, fashion for nerds and rate my outfit - all are blogs of 40 and up women with great style.

  2. Argh! I'm so far behind on your post. Ok, big fan of the navy/dark jean combo and the silver flats are awesome. Ok, next post

  3. Alecia, thanks for visiting! You probably found me over at style underdog's blog. Isn't her blog awesome?

    style underdog, no worries about being behind. Yesterday I made three posts? I am trying to get to a place where I can have my photos taken, uploaded, and posted all on the same day.

  4. Alecia - oops, you did say where you found me... over at style underdog's. Sorry. I got confused with another post I had read earlier.