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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Clinton Kelly Dress - Remixed

I'm not sure I like this or if it even looks good at all... I usually wear this dress with black tights, black high heel boots, black cardigan if it's cold, and black leather purse.  I'm getting a little bored of all the black accessories, so I thought I'd make this a day look with different accessories.  I think this will look better without the leggings, but it was too cold today to go without.  Maybe black flats would look better.  The medallions on the flats seem busy with this printed dress.  I don't know.

Kelly by Clinton Kelly empire waist v-neck dress -
Lauren denim jacket -
Nordstrom brand leggings
Tory Burch 'Reva' flats metallic silver - Nordstrom
Liz Palacios necklace -

1 comment:

  1. I love the color combination in this dress. It's totally something I would pick out when shopping. - Katy