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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Loving My New Glasses

I've been wearing the same brown tortoise glasses for the last four years, and I just got a new pair since I've been so bored with my old ones.  I've been wanting to try some frames that actually make some kind of a statement.  Something a little daring.  I fell in love with these frames, but I was a little worried they might be too much.  It turns out my hair covers the logos at times, and it turns out they really are not that daring.  My only concern is that Clinton Kellly hates little tiny designer logos.  I'm not too worried though since I feel so good in these frames.  I actually want to wear glasses now.  Usually I wear contacts any time I'm going out of the house unless I am really tired and don't want to deal with contacts.  Now I am excited to wear these glasses.

Lately I've been wearing this green top with this charcoal cardigan all buttoned up, but I decided this time to leave the cardigan completely open (I saw this recently on a What Not To Wear episode).  No need to cover up this beautiful top so much. 

Classiques Entier ruched top spring hill green - Nordstrom Rack
Old Navy boyfriend cardigan charcoal
KUT From The Kloth wide leg denim trousers - delight wash
hematite silver ball necklace - Macy's brand (special purchase w/ Mom on our awesome trip to Scottsdale, AZ this past Thanksgiving)
silver cuff bracelet w/ gold circles - Macy's brand
Cole Haan 'Carma Air' OT w/ Nike Air black patent pumps - Nordstrom
Coach 'Bernice' frames brown w/ gold accents - Kaiser Optometry


  1. The new glasses look great! They really suit your face. And I'm glad you left the sweater open. That shirt is too cute to cover up!

  2. Love the new glasses; very flattering for you. As a person who has worn glasses for 50+ years, I notice what other people wear. Definitely love the shirt.

  3. I love your new glasses!! Super chic. :)
    The sparkle tank is so festive and fun! Hope you had a great New Year!