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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Necklace Seen In Clinton Kelly's Make Over America Fashion Show

Today I wore the same outfit I wore for my dad's 75th birthday a couple  of weeks ago but forgot to get photos done.  The only thing I'm wearing differently is I have a silver croc skinny belt instead of a black one.  Just wanted to change things up a bit.  Also I left one button of the charcoal boyfriend cardigan open to help show more of the green top underneath.  Last time I buttoned it all the way up and the green hardly showed.  I think it is better with one left opened.

Too bright, I know.  I couldn't wait until later to do the photos since we are having guests over for dinner on Friday night and lots of cleaning needs to get done.   I'll figure out a better place for photos tomorrow.

Halogen denim pencil skirt - Nordstrom
Classiques Entier ruched top Spring Hill green - Nordstrom Rack
Old Navy boyfriend cardigan charcoal
DKNY opaque tights - Nordstrom
Cole Haan 'Air Lyric' 1.25" heel boots black -
Style & Co. silver croc skinny belt -
Nordstrom brand crinkled leather handbag natural -
*Style & Co. silver circle pendant short necklace - Macy's

*I first saw the silver circle pendant short necklace on one of the lucky winners of Clinton Kelly's Make Over America Fashion Show at Macy's in June of 2009.  I wanted to get the necklace then but I sort of forgot about it.  I saw it on the clearance table last March.  Yah!

*You can see the necklace on Candace (one of the participants), here on this video clip of the fashion show.  A pretty good close-up begins at 3:15.  This fashion show was the bomb.  I was so lucky to attend and see Clinton Kelly, my style hero, in person.  He called on me and answered my style question.  The official Make Over America photographer put this photo of us on the official Make Over America website.  Here is the photo of me with my style hero!


  1. I just read his latest book - he's so hilariously nasty! I love Clinton Kelly. His fashion tips make the most sense to me...

  2. Here's his "Fuzzy Vest: You're on Notice" comment:

    He says: "I saw a woman recently whose hair was the same color as her vest, and she just looked like Sasquatch."


  3. Chris, the fuzzy vest comment is hilarious! If you look up Clinton Kelly on Twitter he tweets the funniest stuff. I also read his latest book. I bought it the day it was released. I am hoping he will do more fashion shows with Macy's again soon. It was so much fun.

  4. Thanks Rebecca. So far I've only worn this necklace with this green top. It seems to be the only one that works. I must find something else I can pair it with.