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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crisp White Shirt, Mid-Rise Cords with Skinny Belt, Scarf - Does this all really work for my body type?

Well, when I looked at myself in this outfit in the mirror today I absolutely loved it.  However, I look at the photo and I don't like it at all.  I have this button-down crisp white shirt that I pretty much only wear with SU's gray skirt I hunted down because I just don't know how else to wear these types of shirts.  I really wanted to wear this shirt today with something different, so I tried tucking it in my mid-rise espresso brown boot-cut cords.   It looked hideous without a belt, so I wore my only belt that I guess sort of worked - my chocolate brown skinny patent belt.  Belting these pants places the emphasis a little below my waist, so I'm pretty sure this look does not look flattering at all.  I think the scarf probably needed to be more of a saturated color to stand out against the white.  The way it hangs down so long and flat makes my bust look totally and completely non-existent.  Also, am I supposed to put the scarf UNDER my collar?  I didn't even try since it seemed the scarf would have been too thick for that.

Am I being too hard on myself?  Maybe the photos are just too bright.  I don't know, I got so many stares today when I picked up my son from school from other moms in sweatpants and frumpy clothes galore.  I even got a double stare and a smile from the principal.  I'm sure the moms in sweatpants were scratching their heads as to why I was wearing a crisp white shirt, a scarf, and coppery metallic pumps as they wear sweatpants every single day to pick up their kids at school.  I am the only one who gets dressed I swear I stick out like a sore thumb amongst the sweatpants crowd.  Oh well, I will still wear metallic copper pumps to pick up my son from school.  Why should these fabulous pumps sit in my closet and have to wait for a babysitter?  Damn right I'm going to wear them whenever I feel like it.

Lauren Ralph Lauren white button-down shirt-
KUT From The Kloth espresso brown boot-cut cords -
Ann Taylor neutrals abstract scarf - purchased with mom in Scottsdale
Cole Haan 'Air Carma' OT pumps w/ Nike Air copper croc - Cole Haan Outlet
Nine West 'Dixon' croc handbag pepper - Macy's
a little bit longer gold hoops earrings - Nordstrom


  1. It is a great outfit but I would like to see it with a belt.

  2. Love the shoes! Wear those babies every chance you get. I agree with your comment that a scarf with more color saturation would pop against the white shirt. With my body type I am not a fan of tucking a shirt so can't really offer an unbiased opinion there.

  3. You are being too hard on yourself! This is such a classic outfit. If you feel self conscious about the look, try wearing the shirt untucked with the belt around your waist to give it a more hourglass shape. :)

  4. LOVE the bag, love the pieces of the outfit - those shoes rock!
    Just like some people are photogenic - you know those people who are moderately attractive in real life but whose face leaps out of a photograph? I think the reverse is true, too. and your outfit may be wonderful - I kind of like the subtle neutral tones of the scarf with the shirt - but it just didn't photograph well. Doesn't mean you didn't look great in person!

  5. I'd wrap the scarf a couple of times, and wear something more contrasty--but actually your bag does that. Good for you for dressing up. I do it too, but I have gone out of my way to find stylish variations on the sweats/sneakers/fleece uniform of the carpool crowd. I can't deal with heels, even on date night, but I have some crazy clogs and boots. Mixed with skinny jeans, a funky sweater or big scarf, it takes the basic uniform up a notch, at least. Don't worry about the minutiae of whether it's perfectly flattering. Clearly you made an effort--maybe the other mamas will be inspired and you won't feel so conspicuous.

  6. I really like it! I wouldn't pick apart the details of the fit - you are not hiding any flaws like a muffin top, or something so consider yourself lucky in that dept. It looks great. The bag adds the pop of color so its ok that the scarf is a little more subdued. You shouldn't feel conspicuous in that outfit - c'mon! It's not an evening gown! Right? Whenever I dress up more than usual, I prepare myself for the question:"Where are you going?" I love my pat answer:"I don't know but I'm on my way!"

  7. You are being hard on yourself -- you look really nice. I think the fact that the pants are cords keeps the outfit from being too" businessy." And I love the bag.

  8. You look great! Good for you for deciding not too fall into the trap of the "mom" look (ie--sweats and schlumpy tee)!

  9. don't be so hard on yourself. You look wonderful and this is a great look!

  10. Thank you Judy C, I have a wider woven belt, I am going to try this outfit again with it.

    Thank you Donna, I love these shoes too. I wear them a lot with jeans. I am definitely not going to tuck again.

    Kelly, thank you, I am going to try not to be so hard on myself anymore. This whole week I haven't posted because I thought the photos were awful. I think my next post should be a winner! And definitely no more tucking. I should have listened to Clinton. I already knew I wasn't supposed to tuck but I tried it anyway.

    Thank you Joyce, I agree this look could be better if it photographed better. I hope the photos get better because this week nothing turned out good. The bag was definitely the best part of this outfit.

    Thank you Kate, I tried wrapping the scarf around a couple of times before I had this photo taken. I should have stayed with that look. I'll try again but with a different scarf and different belt location. I definitely love dressing up and I'm trying not to let the sweatpants crowd bother me.

    Thanks Barbara, yes, I AM hiding a muffin top. It can't be seen that much here but it is definitely there!

    Thanks to both Anons!

    Lise Marie,

    Thank you, you are so kind.

  11. I like this classic outfit. I do agree that you need a more colorful/contrast scarf...and I would tie it differently, but it's a good outfit!