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Monday, January 10, 2011

A Few Things Remixed

All of these pieces I've posted before but I've never worn them all together like this.  I'm tired of wearing this peach embellished tee with my brown bootcut cords so today I'm pairing this tee with my denim skirt, black long open-front cardi, cognac boots and chocolate brown tights.  I really hope the brown tights are working here.  My guess is that black tights would place a tiny patch of black amongst the denim and brown, so I decided the brown tights would contribute to creating a longer line.  I hope I am right.  Wouldn't it be great if I could call Clinton Kelly and ask him these things?!!  I need a personal stylist who will be honest with me at all times.  I'm pretty much wearing the heck out of my denim skirt as it's the only pencil skirt I own.  What I really need is a black pencil skirt.  I have so many tops I could pair with that and it will change the look so much.  I'm so bored of my jeans.

Caslon 3/4 sleeve embellished tee peach - Nordstrom
Bobeau open-front cardigan black - Nordstrom
Halogen denim skirt - Nordstrom
Cole Haan 'Justine' 2.25" heel boots Woodbury -
small dangle gold hoops Clinton Kelly would despise - Macy's
wood cuff bracelet purchased on special trip to Scottsdale with mom - Macy's


  1. I'm still a beginner at combining black and brown, so no suggestions here. ;)

    Wait...why would Clinton Kelly despise your gold hoops?!

  2. Hi Pear, Clinton says if you're going to wear earrings they should be big or have a lot of detail and make a statement. I've heard him say something like small earrings are a total snoozefest. He says if you're going to wear small earrings then you need to wear a big statement necklace. Since the embellishment on my tee sort of acts like a necklace I feel shy to wear bigger earrings. Seeing the photo and how boring those earrings look I think I'll try wearing bigger earrings with this tee next time.

  3. Clinton is half right. I think bigger earrings would look great. The smile is perfect. Your mix is also terrific. If you wear bigger earrings they could be something that is simple but has a lot of shine. Lights up the face.

  4. The outfit is great! Love the combo and even the smallish hoops. ;-) Clinton would probably laugh himself silly if he could see what I have in my closet. I think you are doing a fabulous job with your wardrobe.