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Monday, February 7, 2011

My 42nd Birthday Can't Be Topped

Do you know of anyone who ever bought a car on their actual birthday?  Now you know someone.

Yes, we finally got a larger car.  And it happened to be on my 42nd birthday last Friday.  My husband finally worked out a deal on Thursday after many, many emails and phone calls to several Ford dealers in Orange County.  The next day the car was ready for delivery.  I don't believe my husband planned it this way, he's not that romantic anymore.  So, the new car isn't really a birthday gift, it just seems like it is.

I was extremely tired from being out late the night before.  I think I had four hours of sleep, and my b-day was a very hectic day, so my clothing choices were lazy choices.  Did I mention I was insanely tired?

Me and my new Ford Flex in my really boring outfit.

KUT From The Kloth bootcut jeans Future Wash -
Caslon charcoal long sleeve ribbed tee -
BP. Nordstrom teal ombré scarf -
Cole Haan 'Justine' Woodbury boots -


  1. Oh what the heck ... just go with it being your birthday present - why not! Belated Happy Birthday ... 42 and fabulous you are. Hope the year ahead is filled with loads of fab looks and smiles every day.


  2. Awesome! Sounds like a birthday present to me! I hope your birthday was glorious and that you got some much needed rest!

  3. Sounds like a birthday gift to me! Happy Birthday, in case I haven't already wished you a fabulous one (a little late). You look cute in your outfit and definitely not 42. 42 - I passed that 20 years ago...oy...

  4. If I bought a car on my birthday, I would definitely want it to come with one of those giant bows they show on car commercials.

  5. Wendy, I keep telling everyone I got it on my birthday so you're right. Why not?

    Pear, The next day I got a nap. It was nice!

    Donna, Thank you, I had a great birthday. It's so funny I used to think wearing a plain tee with a scarf was dressed up. Now I think it's boring.

    Rebecca, Totally. I doubt my husband mentioned to the car salesperson that it was my birthday.