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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Saturday Night Date To See John Lithgow "Stories By Heart"

I'm really getting a lot of use out of my Ann Taylor scarf this season.  Instead of my usual loop tie or knot tie I wrapped it loosely.  This was last Saturday night just before we left to go see John Lithgow's one-man show "Stories By Heart" at the John Taper theatre in Dowtown LA.  Before the show, we had dinner at Bottega Louie.  Incredible.  Wow.  Totally delicious Italian food!  If you're ever in Dowtown LA you must go there.  They are known very well for desserts.  I had a red velvet muffin for dessert.  Yummmmm.

Saturday Night Date John Lithgow Show Outfit

Merona chocolate brown sweater dress - Target
Ann Taylor neutrals abstract scarf - Ann Taylor
Style & Co. black skinny belt -
Cole Haan black opaque tights -
Cole Haan black 'Markesa' boots -
Prada gold metallic handbag - 2nd hand store in Laguna
Kendra Scott black/gray/gold chandelier earrings - Nordstrom
Macy's brand silver cuff bracelet w/gold circles
Temple St. Clair for Target blue fashion ring - beautiful holiday gift from Style Underdog!  For a closer look at the gorgeous ring, here is the stock photo:

*Message to Style Underdog:  You are probably wondering..... why isn't she wearing the black blazer and sparkly silver tank we worked so hard to figure out which size worked???  I thought it was going to be too cold to wear that outfit Saturday night since it was soooooo cold at home that day.  I should have known better that it is much warmer in Dowtown LA with all those tall buildings warming things up.  I was too hot in my sweater dress.  :(


  1. lol cyn, that's exactly what I was thinking.

  2. I love that sweater dress!! You look so good in it!!

  3. I love your outfit, but I REALLY covet your giant succulents. No wonder everyone wants to live in California.

  4. Sounds like a great date night! The scarf looks beautiful with your sweater dress.

  5. Love this outfit! You look so chic. The color of the sweater dress is so rich, and I love the scarf with it.

    Speaking of which, I bought a scarf! But then I realized it doesn't go with any of my tops. Way to go, huh? But as soon as I find a proper top, I'm totally going to rock that scarf. Inspired by you!

  6. Definitely chic. You're so rocking that sweater dress!

    Still giggling from the 'giant succulents' comment. ;) Yes, they're quite amazing, but I guess I have the dirty mind of a teenage boy. ;)

  7. Rebecca, thanks! I think I've worn and posted this exact outfit when I took my trip to Phoenix, oh well.

    SU, I need to wear the jacket!

    Joy, thanks! I love it so much.

    kate, I giggled too at your comment. I forgot that those plants are called succulents.

    Kelly, thank you, we had a blast. My favorite part of the evening was the red velvet muffin. This scarf is my favorite.

    Couture, Thanks for fixing that link. I wish stores would upload their old catalogs just for fun so we can see how styles have changed.

    Allison, Thank you. What color is your scarf? If it's a neutral, than it should go with a color. If it's a color, than it should go with a neutral. Do you have a photo of you in the scarf? I haven't been around LJ in a long while I should go visit...

    Pear, I was giggling too...