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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tailoring...... UGH!!

I took my two new pairs of jeans to get hemmed.  One pair I kept the hem longer for higher heeled shoes, but they still needed a little hemming.  The other pair I needed hemmed for flats.  Originally after the first fitting both pairs of jeans were dragging on the floor.  After the second time the pair for higher heels turned out fine, although we (Style Underdog and myself) had to convince the tailor NOT to go as short as she thought they should be.

I took the pair back to the tailor to bring up the hem for the flats pair since they also were dragging on the floor after they were hemmed once.  I said they should be 1/2 inch from the floor since they were too long after I told him to hem them 1/4 inch from the floor.  I get them back and they are horrendously too SHORT!!  Since the heel of the red flat is 1/2 inch, you should only be able to see the black part of the heel and NOT the red patent leather of the shoe.

Also, it looks as if the right leg is shorter than the left.  It looks like the left hem is about 1.75" from the floor and the right hem is 2" from the floor.  See for yourself in these photos.

The photo above I'm wearing with my silver flats which have a slightly shorter heel than those red flats, but I still think the jeans are too short even for the silver flats.  I wore the higher flat at the fitting to make sure they wouldn't be too short.

These are my summer flip flop sandals which are my lowest heeled shoes.  I still think the jeans are too short even for these.  I hope they can be let down (and evened out) and still be able to have a hem.  I think I'm going back to Nordstrom for my pants hemming.  I'll be paying a lot, unfortunately  :(


  1. That is too bad that they made your jeans too short. No fun!

  2. Rebecca, do you also think they are too short? Most people don't know the 1/4 - 1/2" from the floor standard I've learned from the show What Not To Wear, and one person that has seen these do not think they are too short. I however, do not want to wear them if you can see the red part of the shoe from the back as in the photo. Am I being too picky? I do agonize over Clinton's rules a lot and most people wouldn't even give it a second thought.

    I brought them in to a different tailor today, someone who did a great job on my pants when I needed them to be taken in at the waist, but she hasn't done any hemming work for me yet. She agreed that these are too short and that the right leg is shorter than the left. She said she can take them down 1/2" and they will still look good. Let's hope for the best!

  3. How frustrating! Especially about the fact that they're actually uneven. I'm glad to read that you took them to a different tailor who sounds like she knows what she's talking about.

    It's funny, I'm having the opposite problem- I had a pair of jeans hemmed to wear with flats and they're totally too long. Dragging on the ground, going to get frayed. I need to take them to someone else and have them redone.

  4. Allison, do you think it might be that the waist has a gap so they fall down a bit which then causes them to be too long? I had all my older pants taken in at the waist which made them so much more comfortable, but unfortunately what I thought were the correct hem length suddenly became shorter. Check the waist gap before you have them hemmed any shorter, just to be sure.

  5. Oh, boy. How annoying! I still cringe at the thought of paying the big bucks to have my things tailored, and then when they don't turn out perfect, it makes me sick.

    I'm glad to hear the second tailor thinks they're 'fixable'.

  6. Pear, I am crossing my fingers hoping that my jeans are going to be wearable. I'll know on Tuesday.

  7. Doesn't Nordstrom still hem for free if you buy the jeans there? It's the least a store can do if you're buying premium priced things from them. Nordy's used to be the standard for customer service.

  8. kate, yes, Nordstrom does hem pants for free if you buy them there AND if you paid full price for the pants. I bought these jeans at Macy's, and they have the same deal there. I bought my jeans on sale, so I would have had to pay for the hem anyway. I haven't tried Macy's alterations yet and I wish I would have tried using them for these jeans. I have had such a excellent experience using Nordstrom for alterations. They say they are not supposed to alter anything from other stores, but I've told them I can't find anyone else is as good as them, so they always do the work for me. But it can be expensive if the item requires a lot of work.