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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

60s Inspired Mod Jacket + Another Meetup with Style Underdog

Today was just fabulous.  Style Underdog and I met again for coffee.  We had loads to talk about... outfit ideas for the both of us, looking through and laughing at Clinton Kelly's new book, talked about how we met our husbands, where we grew up, where we worked, and plans for getting together at my house for my husband's out-of-this-world grilled steak tacos.

It's nice having an adult take my photos.  Thank you Style Underdog!

New pose suggested by Style Underdog. 

Kensie empire waist metallic jacket silver - (2 years ago - copied from a friend, of course!)
KUT From The Kloth Skinny Jeans Indigo Wash -
Bettye Muller 'Cruise' peep-toe patent flat black - Ebay
Cole Haan 'Village' handbag black - Nordstrom


  1. What a beautiful jacket! And I love the poses!

    (Look at you and SU becoming BFFs!);)

  2. Lovely jacket and it looks super with the jeans and flats.

    Like the poses - wish I could get an adult to photograph me too.

    Have a fab day.

  3. Glad you both had fun!! I love that jacket - beautiful!

  4. Thanks Pear, I totally needed some posing advice. We are having loads of fun. It's nice to hang out with someone who likes to be dressed in something fun.

    Wendy, I used to wear this jacket with boot-cut jeans when I first bought the jacket back in '08. Back then I never thought I'd be wearing skinny jeans!

    I think this jacket is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I don't really see many empire waist jackets anymore so I hope it's not out of style just yet. I'll be sad on the day I realize it's out of style.