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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Argyle Sweater Dress

This photo was taken at my mom's house today.  My mom's camera actually focuses correctly. 

The gray legging was a real stretch for me, and a couple of times I changed my mind and put on the black pair.  I wanted to do something different so I made myself wear the gray.  I do like that the legging is charcoal and is darker than the gray in the dress.  A necklace or bigger earrings would have been a plus here.  It's the print all the way down the dress and the silver mirrors on my shoes that made me shy away from big jewelry pieces.  Excuses, excuses!  I won't be afraid next time.

Argyle V-neck sweater dress black/gray -
Hinge cami black - Nordstrom brand
Style & Co. skinny croc belt black - Macy's brand
leggings charcoal  - Nordstrom brand
BCBGirls 'Phoebe' flats black -
clear red beads bracelet - Macy's brand


  1. I finally bought a pair of leggings ... hmmmm, if only I could find the right top to wear with it. They're either too long, too short, too flaired, too 'not right'.

    This looks lovely on you :-) ... I'm a wee bit envious ;-)

  2. hello..I just found your blog..happy I did, its so cute..and I totally adore your sweater dress...the leggings are a perfect pairing....argyle is one of my favs:)

    So nice to meet you!

    Stop by and say Hello♥

    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  3. Great dress! I love argyle - it's such an underrated print!

  4. Thanks Wendy, it seems difficult to find tops that are long enough to cover your butt to make leggings okay to wear with them.

    Collette, hello and welcome! Thanks so much for visiting here. Nice to meet you too! I will definitely stop by your blog.

    Kelly, thanks I am loving argyle too. I haven't worn it in years.

  5. Hi Cyn, I really like how this turned out. Great job. It's really cute. Great job.

  6. Thanks SU! I owe it to you. I appreciate your styling suggestions.