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Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy Saturday: 1st Baby Shower, 2nd HS Playgroup

Saturday was quite a fun, busy day.  First, I attended a longtime blogging friend's baby shower, it was quite lovely.  I started out blogging about my wedding plans back in 2001, and a handful of OC wedding bloggers got together frequently, and we've been friends ever since.  It's a wonderful thing.

Baby Shower Outfit.  I think the brown boots work with this dress since the browns are not the exact same shade.

Finally - a decent close-up of my boots!

BCBG MAXAZRIA wrap dress chocolate brown snake print - Nordstrom (3 years ago)
Cole Haan 2.25" heels boots Woodbury brown -
textured silver cuff bracelet with gold circles -  Macy's brand
Argento Vivo gold leaf earrings -

Once a month on a Saturday night a small group of our high school friends get together with all of our kids and have pizza and beer (the adults!).  It's a really fun, casual get together.

High School Friends playgroup outfit.  I am not sure this sweater is really working anymore.  It is supposed to be tunic length, but my normal size was WAY huge at the neckline including the back of my neck - there was so much gaping going on.  So I went a size smaller.  I think it was a mistake.  It doesn't even look like a tunic sweater.  It barely covers my butt so I can't wear leggings with this.  I think I might be done with this sweater.  Maybe I'm thinking too much.

Caslon tunic short-sleeve sweater charcoal - Nordstrom
Caslon long sleeve ribbed tee black (faded practically to charcoal due to overuse) - Nordstrom
Levi's 545 Skinny Leg jean French Press wash -
MICHAEL Michael Kors peep-toe flat calfhair -
Lauren Ralph Lauren woven belt brown - Macy's
Perlina handbag teal (my usual pop of color) - Nordstrom
Argento Vivo gold leaf earrings -

Fun with friends' COACH bags.
My high school friends are actually a little bit excited about my blog and we were talking about it at the party!  These two friends love COACH bags and they let me wear their awesome COACH bags in my photos for a little variety and fun.  Thanks D & S!

D's beautiful COACH bag that her amazing husband picked out for her.  By the way, this is the second or third one he's chosen for her.  I can't remember what number he's on.  He's also picked out two pair of beautiful COACH sunglasses for her.  What a guy he is.

S's brand new beautiful COACH bag.  She didn't even have the tag removed yet, but she took it off for the photo.  I begged her not to so she can enjoy that feeling of cutting off a tag for her first wearing of her beautiful new COACH bag, but she didn't want to wait.  Am I the only one who waits as long as possible to remove tags from new clothing, bags, accessories?


  1. I love that you and your friends do that! A group of mommies and I do that as well - it's the highlight of my week! :)

    Both outfits look great on you - love the layering in the second one!

  2. Love, love, LOVE the boots!!

    Hmm...the sweater looks tunic length to me in the photos, and it's gorgeous!

  3. Kelly, our playgroups are really fun. Are you in a moms club group?
    Thanks, I'm not really good at layering, but I'm hoping to improve that.

    Pear, thank you, maybe I should hold on to the sweater.

  4. Both outfits look great on you! I love that dress and the boots and those Michael Kors flats!!

    And I have to admit, I am a bag snob. All I wear is Coach!! I should do a post about that!