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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mad Men Halloween 2009

Mad Men is my absolute favorite show.  Last year I bought a gorgeous vintage 1959 Saks Fifth Avenue house brand cocktail dress to wear for Halloween as a "brunette Betty Draper". Here are some photos of Betty Draper.  See the photos of me below  to see how I pulled off her look.  I'm showing you the Halloween 2009 photos in this post so you can see the changes with my hair I made with the costume for Halloween 2010.  The vintage dress I bought was so dang expensive I'll need to wear it for a few years to get my money's worth!

 Betty is on the left.

The vintage dress I bought from last year.

Getting my hair done.

The completed project with Betty Draper style hair, 60s style make-up, vintage clutch, vintage pearl necklace and matching clip earrings.  The only things non-vintage here are my shoes and hair ribbon!

So this was last year's version of my Mad Men costume.  Next post see the hair change.

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