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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mad Men Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween I wanted to wear the same Mad Men Betty Draper style dress but change up the hair.  My current favorite character is Megan, who is Don's newest secretary.  I LOVE her brunette long hair twisted up into a 60s bun with the bouffant thing going on.  My hair isn't quite long enough to pull it off exactly, but I wanted to have my stylist try anyway.

 Megan, Don's current secretary.

And this is Jane, another secretary on the show with the hairstyle I'm going for this year.

My hairstylist suggested I buy a hair extension pony tail to add length to my hair to add volume since my hair barely hits my shoulders.  I bought one, but it turned out not to be a pony tail, it was a horizontal piece of hair that didn't work.  So I couldn't use it.  My hairstylist was able to pin my hair into a bun without the extension and it worked out great.
 Getting my hair set to give it volume.

My hairstylist also did an outstanding job doing my 60s style make-up using false eyelashes, cat-eye black eyeliner, red lipstick, rosy blush, and light color eyeshadow.

 Super 60s side-swept bangs.

 Amazing 60s bouffant look.

 My favorite photo.

Sadly, this is the only photo that didn't turn out blurry this year.  And it sucks that my eyes are red.  I'm hoping my friends will have better photos.   I will share them when I get them.  The other change besides my hairstyle this year was my shoes.  Last year I wore closed-toed shoes that were a cream shade that matched my clutch.  They hurt my right foot so badly I had to take them off.  So I had to buy a pair of neutral peep-toe pumps.  I couldn't find the lighter shade of cream at the price I was willing to pay, unfortunately.  These are good enough and I can wear them all year round.  It was a fun Halloween.

I was definitely born in the wrong decade!  I am enjoying dressing like this a bit too much!


  1. I love this!! You look amazing! I agree - I would dress like that all the time if I could!

  2. You look fabulous! I love the hair, makeup, dress, everything! Definitely no frump in this outfit!

  3. Love it! Every detail is perfect. You look gorgeous!

  4. Too fun! I'm loving the hair do! I'd be tempted to wear it like that all the time! (If it wasn't so much work, of course...)