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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meetup with Style Underdog!

Today was so much fun - I met up with Style Underdog!  She is so witty and fun.  We talked our ears off about clothes, shoes, jewelry, and The Style Nation over Starbucks gingerbread lattes.  I brought a little bag of clothes and belts that I had some ideas to wear together but was unsure... since I don't really know how to wear belts very well I needed some advice to make some outfits more complete.  She helped me so much.  She is a star-stylist, and I think she should be a stylist on Good Morning America or Oprah or a What Not To Wear type show that specializes in styling 40+ women.  Seriously.  She is that good.

I wasn't originally wearing this brown skinny belt when I first saw Style Underdog.  I asked her if it would look okay with the wow necklace.  I was unsure since the necklace is so big I thought the belt would be too much.  But she was right.  I needed the belt!  Thank you so much SU for the advice.
 This was the best full length shot of me, I kind of like this pose.

 Style Underdog and me.

Style Underdog, me and Frank.  ;)

Caslon ribbed long sleeve tee charcoal -
KUT From The Kloth wide leg trousers Delight Wash - Nordstrom Rack
Cole Haan 'Air Carma' peep-toe patent pumps black with Nike Air Technology - Nordstrom
kate spade 'Keswick Caning' bauble necklace black, cream, gold - gift from kate spade
silver and gold circles textured cuff bracelet - Macy's brand
Another Line patent skinny belt chocolate brown -
Perlina snakeskin teal handbag - Nordstrom


  1. How fun is that?!!

    I agree Style Underdog rocks! Whenever I find myself contemplating an item, I often ask myself, 'Would Style Underdog buy this?' because she just embodies the sophisticated style I want to have.

    Glad to hear you had so much fun!

  2. Oh that is just great! And you posted the picture with Frank! hahahahaha, nice! I had a great time. This should become a regular Wed. morning meet-up. Really!?!

    And "pear", we talked you up like nobody's business. Were your ears burning?

  3. Good for the two of you- know you had tons of fun and lots to talk about- yes- agree SU has a great sense of style and wit.

  4. Pear, thanks for your comment. And yes, SU and I were raving about how awesome you are.

    SU, thanks again, it was a blast. Regular Wed morning meet-ups sound fab.

    Alecia, we did have loads to talk about and probably could have gone on about clothes for several more hours.

  5. You both are fabulous! That pic of the two of you is great! :)

  6. Oh, how awesome! I would love to meet up with a blogger, but there aren't any in my city. :(

    The belt looks awesome with your outfit!

  7. Kelly, SU and I also talked about how fabulous your blog is too! :)

    Sheila, it is fun meeting online friends. I hope you are able to find a local blogger. Do you live in a mall town?

    Thanks everyone for your comments!