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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bunco Party Outfit

After meeting with Style Underdog I realize I really need to get posting more often.  I am on a mission to get myself photographed daily.  What I really need to do is set up the darn tripod!

I belong to a Bunco group and the November party was Thursday night.  This color and pattern is a little bit out there for me, but I've been wanting to get away from wearing too many solids.

*Kelly by Clinton Kelly printed empire waist A-line dress multi -
black opaque tights - Nordstrom brand
Cole Haan knee high boots 3.25" heel with NIKE AIR technology black -
Cole Haan handbag black - Nordstrom
Alexis Bittar gold donut necklace -

*Clinton Kelly has a new line of clothing on  I was a little skeptical of buying from QVC, but the dress is really awesome and totally reasonably priced, and we all know I LOVE Clinton Kelly so I thought I'd try.  It is kind of fun owning a dress he designed.  He said this dress is his favorite piece from the line - that this cut of dress is so flattering on any body shape and he just couldn't find it out there.... so he designed it.  It also comes in black and solid purple.  It does run very large.  He suggested to go down in size.  I did go a size down but I needed to get some alterations anyway.  The neckline was opening up way too much that my bra was showing, so I had a snap put in.  Also, the sleeves needed to be shortened and the hem needed to be shortened --so it hits just at my knee.  It was below my knee originally.


  1. You look so chic in this outfit! WIll have to check out his QVC collection!

  2. Beautiful! That dress is gorgeous on you! (You make me ashamed to admit the one time I played Bunco I was wearing pajamas! ;))

  3. You look great in this outfit!! You should wear colors like this more often!!

  4. love love love the boots. That dress is beautiful, glad you went with it.
    p.s. I have the same print. We are like this.

  5. Kelly, Thanks! Now that I've worn the dress once I don't feel afraid of the boldness anymore. I want to wear it again and again. What do you think of the collection?

    Pear, Thank you! Maybe your bunco party was a casual one? Or was it a PJ theme? We had a PJ theme once.

    Joy, thank you and welcome. I am going to visit your blog.

    SU, Thank you. I want to see you in this print. The boots are amazingly comfortable, too. So comfy I could sleep in them.